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  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown

    I've been trying to figure out how to navigate this site for some time and finally I've done it!

    My wife and I as well as our children are all 100% out. I just got tired of never feeling good enough. After a few beers I looked at apostate sites and the rest is history.

  • cognitivedizzy

    Thanks guys for welcoming me... I will someday write my story... I'm shocked to say the least once I read CoC.... How I wish I wasnt into this mind control in the first place.

  • Becksi
    Welcome, Chris Brown!
  • pbrow

    DIZZY... I also hated the fact that I was raised in this cult. But you cant be where you are today w/out going down the road you came from.... You woke up. That is the important thing and dont ever forget it! Never again is my motto now!

    I agree with others here.... jw tv is going to be a godsend (no pun intended) for many, many people.


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