Evolution - Myths and Evidence

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  • abiather


    Saying humans evolved from apes, and saying “Modern monkeys and humans share a common ancestor” both are SAME IN PRINCIPLE as common ancestor is one species and monkeys & humans are totally different species. This is what exactly Darwin admitted would not happen: ““Not one change of species into another is on record ... we cannot prove that a single species has been changed." (Charles Darwin, My Life &Letters). ". ... Paleobiology, vol 6(1), January 1980, pg 127.”

    It is like saying I was in bondage with iron chain, now I am not in bondage as iron chain is replaced with golden chain!

  • M*A*S*H

    Well put abiather. However since Darwin's time things have not stood still.

    I am sure you will be interested in learning about some examples of speciation... you could try here or here or really you could just google it!

    Are suggesting speciation cannot happen? Considering the fact that we understand that DNA is not perfectly copied between generations, surely an animal population separated by geography for long periods of time may drift apart and become different species? It would be interesting to see some evidence of a mechanism that would stop this happening, do you have any ideas on this?

  • user100

    Abiather.. I believe he said that no one has witnessed this or has found the fossil evidence.. not that it will not happen..

    and saying modern monkeys and humans share a common ancestor and saying humans evolved from apes are not the same in principle.

    one common ancestor evolved into two different species due to different environmental pressures.

  • abiather
    user100 & M*A*S*H

    ‘One species is not able to evolve into another species. However, one speicies could evolve into two species’—this is what you both say!

    I don’t think this is possible even in imagination, because of the following macro reason:

    Humans have produced many movies on extraterrestrials. Yet all of them are shown in less beautiful form than humans. Why can’t we depict an ET more beautiful/handsome than humans. With our infinite potential for imagination, we are still UNABLE even to depict something better than humans just in physical appearance!

    Does this not show that species evolving into better species is not possible? It would take somebody superior to humans can conceive a physical form more beautiful than humans.

  • pseudoxristos


    Humans are more "beautiful/handsome" because evolution has influenced our perception of beauty. If there are aliens, I'm sure that evolution would condition them to find humans much less beautiful than themselves.


  • M*A*S*H

    Your comment does not actually make sense.

    What the hell is a 'macro reason'?

    ‘One species is not able to evolve into another species. However, one speicies could evolve into two species’—this is what you both say!
    Who say's that above?

    Again what would stop speciation?

  • user100

    Abiather.. one species can evolve into one or more species!!

    here are some pictures to help you understand:


  • talesin

    Most excellent, and so much work. Your book could help a lot of people exiting the cult. Well done!

    I think this could be confusing, especially to a JW creationist who (most likely) has a high school education or less. You wouldn't want to put them off from the get-go.

    • Evolution is a well established scientific theory; there is copious evidence in support of it, and virtually all life scientists (even those who are religious) agree that it is a fact.

    Evolution is a theory ,,, yet a fact? Perhaps a definition of what constitutes a 'theory' in science would clarify that to the reader.

    This is not a criticism; just trying to be helpful.


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