Ex-dubs in Southern Ca.

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  • jterfehr

    Any ex dubs in the So CAl area? I am in the desert near Palm Springs. Just had two families over last night (ex dubs ALL) and we had a great time. Would be fun to hook up with others. A fellow ex-dub can relate like no one else.


  • Farkel


    I'm an ex-dub in SoCal. San Diego, to be precise.

    I'm demonized, though. Or so they say.


    "When in doubt, duck!"

  • Farkel

    Oh, John:

    Do you know that Hilton Hotel in Rancho Mirage? The one just South of I-10 and west of Bob Hope drive and just north and on the other side of the Betty Ford Center? You can almost see it from the freeway.

    I financed that project in 1982. I think it is in an area called "Mission Hills" or something like that. I forget. I spent my $300,000 commission years ago. It's on the West side of Bob Hope
    Drive and on the same side as the Annenberg (sp?) estate but further north, just south of the freeway.


    "When in doubt, duck!"

  • patio34

    Hi John,

    I'm in Ventura, CA.


  • jterfehr

    Yes, farkel I know the place. Any of you interested in getting together, I am sure there will be more posts + there are quite a few in my area that are OUT.

  • r51785

    I was a dub in San Diego. I currently live in the Temecula area and work in the Corona/Norco/Mira Loma area. My office is about a half mile down the road from the Mira Loma Assembly Hall.
    Do you play golf? (It's like a sickness with me!)

  • Andee


    Howdy Neighbor!

    I am also "near" Palm Springs. Us in the Coachella valley always say that! Otherwise, if we were to say we are from Cathedral City or La Quinta people would say "huh? where?"

    Born and raised in So Cali (and I'm blonde too! Thanks Ms. Clairol!)

  • tdogg

    You SoCals suck. There you are with your beautiful weather living your little carefree lives with the smell of the ocean and the palm trees delighting your senses. You suck. Here it is raining and getting colder and colder every day and before you know it- wham the snow is going to start falling. I hate you.

  • California Sunshine
    California Sunshine


    I think I could throw a rock and it would land in your back yard

    minds are like parachutes--they only function when open.

  • dungbeetle

    I be in SoCal...ex-jw capital of the world!!!


    Dungbeetle...so much dung, so little time...

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