Are apostates stopping the WT from mainstreaming?

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    room, i agree about the uncritical thing, it is really the biggest problem for me to accept, but for meta to equate Joe averae witness to
    the response a dog gives to a call of his name is taking the example too far. I know the average joe jw is not einstein, but he / she is especially in this info age, not even close to the analogy offered by meta. As i said its an indication of the status of meta's associates and not a representative sample of us all that im arguing against here.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hi again,

    I agree that, PER SE what the WTS is attempting to do within the UN framework is, or could be, a fine, constructive step towards joining the Society of Man-- mainstreaming, if you will -- EXCEPT that to do so honorably would require it to forthrightly repudiate or at least temper its vitriol. Clearly impossible for them to do without suffering a major crisis of credibility..



    The only pain in the ass you got from me my dear old friend was the historical un-lubricated shafting delivered to your crusty magott in the form of the public humiliation and disipline i gave you those years back when you so displayed your impotence when you challenged me in a mud sling.

    Your witt has seemingly continued in its decent.....

  • Dogpatch

    Fundamantalist religions often follow certain predictable paths, due to the psyche of the leadership and the needs of the subjects. Money has a great deal to do with it. If the GB thought Armageddon was going to be tomorrow, some would be unhappy because of the "great increase in theocratic work in the earth today," (buildings, etc.)Like the transition from the early persecuted church that became more mainstream due to less persecution, more money as well as the impractibility of living in the "near midnight" framework causes the pragmatists to speak up and have a say in the government of the sect. They will not let their billions be squandered by fanatics. When the Watchtower reaches a point of division between hard line "true believers" and the pragmatic businessmen, the money baggers might find a way to chase the fanatics away who will then start their own version of the Watchtower. The original Borg can retain its billions and be happy for the rest of their lives!
    History of the Watchtower

  • LovesDubs

    The Watch Tower Society NEVER does anything that isnt in its own interests. Anything that would resemble mainstreaming or even COOPERATION with nonJWs or other religions is carefully masked as sincerity but actually self serving. They didnt side with who was that Falwell? when he was sued to pay taxes on literature...they were decided apart from him but wanting to save money themselves. When they said that Bulgarian JWs would no longer have sanctions for taking blood, they decidedly LIED just so that Bulgaria would allow them to preach there. They side with governments and the European Commission on Human Rights to get their preaching work done in Georgia, Russia, but continue to have nothing but CONTEMPT for the other religions in the same political hot spot as they are...each "victory" from jehovah each "setback" persecution from Satan. They didnt suddenly change their entire preaching routine in the light of the events of Sept 11 for the sake of the PEOPLE..they saw an opportunity to sell their GOODS and are taking advantage of it like ambulance chasing lawyers. They changed the name of their facility here in West Palm Beach, if I recall, to Christian Convention Center or some such nonsense...trying to remove the JW stigma and make them more appealing to the neighborhood. They have NO INTENSION of becoming anything even REMOTELY LIKE mainstream Christianity. Dont be fooled.

  • Englishman
    and disipline i gave you those years back when you so displayed your impotence when you challenged me in a mud sling.

    Was that when you claimed to be: (a) A millionaire. (b) A doctor of philosophy? Interesting to note that a D.Phil spells wit with 2 t's here, I as "i" not to mention not being able to spell descent:

    Your witt has seemingly continued in its decent.....


    Nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

  • ballistic

    I don't think the GB wants to mainstream for 2 reasons:
    they say they are no part of the world and constantly state that the differences between them and other religions is what defines them as the "true" religion.
    I am of the opinion that the Gov.Bod. are as much brainwashed by the whole machine as any members (i.e. I am not one of the conspiracy theorists who believe the people at the top have a different agenda) Therefore they believe they have been God's choosen people since early last century, that they are infallible and that no long term planning such as this is necessary due to the fact the end is very near.

    (this last point also being the reason for their doctrinal blunders)

  • metatron

    Bathory, allow me to follow up with another example. I know a
    Bethelite who been there a number of years, married, an elder,
    and holds some responsibility.

    I know he would probably score very well on an IQ test.

    That doesn't stop me from thinking of him as a willing idiot,
    however. When he talks to me at a district assembly about how
    glorious everything is in the organization, I feel like I'm
    talking to a four year old child. He, and countless others
    like him prostitute their God-given intellect and powers of
    reason to carefully preserve their dumbed down faith. He reasons
    like a four year old because that's what he's trained himself
    to do.

    I've personally known GB members (live and dead). I'm not


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