Bill Cosby's moral authority....

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  • skeeter1

    Cosby was just on NBC's
    Meet the Press

    He was there with a Harvard professor discussing their book "Come on People"

    He was great & they both had a powerful message for all parents, but especially black parents.

    I'm going to read this book.

    REBORNAGAIN gotta respect that guy. I wish alot of people had his brain. He speaks with intelligence BIG TIME!


  • BrentR

    Unfortunately the African Americans that get the press are the rappers, Al sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They play the blame game and race cards instead of motivating like Bill Cosby. His message requires some work and personal responsibility vs just taking the easy route in blaming society.

    With one out of four African American males involved at some level of the criminal justice system it's obvious that the blame game is not working.

  • zack

    I saw Cosby on Meet the Press, and prior to that, have read his thoughts on this issue. The issues that Black Americans face are the issues all Americans face, except they become very pronounced in a community that is smaller and has suffered from systemic abuse. Cosby admits to the unfairness of the system. What he says is that instead of elevating yourself in spite of the system, some are buying into the system. Education is the key to getting and staying out of poverty. Taking pride in doing things well, anything well-- even a menial task--- means taking pride in yourself and responsibility for yourself. It demonstrates to others that you care about their goals, too. People who do these things succeed. I appluad his efforts.

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    I have watched several of Mr. Cosby's recent appearances. All he is saying is that blacks should take responsiblity for what they CAN change and work to change it. He neither minimizes nor maximizes environment, genetics or any other variable.

    That is good advice for all races, genders, etc. If someone finds that stance offensive, perhaps he or she needs to examine his or her motivations.


  • mrsjones5

    Bill Cosby That's how I raise my kids.


  • orbison11

    just saw on oprah that bill cosby is the guest for tomorrow

    could be wrong, as was flash on bottom of screen, but should be a very good show


  • whyamihere

    I just saw Bill Cosby last Friday.

    Humorous, intelligent, but most of all honest. I loved every minute of his performance and would see him again - he stops in our town every couple of years.

    I have a few opinions about this topic, but I am wise enough to know my mouth shouldn't open.

  • kerj2leev
    I have a few opinions about this topic, but I am wise enough to know my mouth shouldn't open

    Come on why, just say it! You know you want too!

  • orbison11

    and thursday he will be on larry king live


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