It's all about appearances

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  • tamagotchi

    @justkidding I was so guilty of this trait before I awoke, so much damage can be caused mentally and emotionally I suffered and still do from major self esteem issues because of certain ones in the Kingdom Hall.

    @blondie wow that's not a story you hear ever! Are you and your husband still in? What was there so called reason to treat you in such a way?

    @finkelstein @ofchange A lot of self proclaimed dribble. There seems to be an answer for everything.

    @islandman ha! Yeah I guess I forgot about that sin lol

  • OzGirl
    "I find it funny everything is measured on what they see, but yet I have too but my faith in 8 guys who I don't know or have never met, too stand a chance of everlasting life." - tamagotchi

    I never understood this either.

  • freemindfade

    Its about who can act the most brainwashed and kiss the most ass, I was never a good ass kisser so I always fell short of making MS. I made it to the point of them offering it to me. I saw horrible people being appointed. And a lot of old school elders which i have been close to in halls in three different states, they don't give a rats ass about anyone... they are smug... they don't even sit through the meetings, most the time the elders are off talking to each other about god knows what unless they have a part... their parts are phoned in totally... Most have no field service presence... they just work work work. I have known plenty that were alcoholics, (dont get me wrong I love to party), You think getting to the top is some kind of highly enlightened person. Nope. Just big ego'd small d%$#k men tripping in their sad little club.

    I now take pride in my minimal contribution to this nonsense. I had some bethelites and other friends (MS and Pioneer over) and it stuns me how negative they talk about their "brothers and sisters" the whole time I keep my mouth shut, and I know my wife sees it. When you pull out of this wacky cult you become so much more positive, less judgmental, and so on.

  • Vidiot

    The product of 100 years of Kingdom Rule... a 7 million-strong membership who've become absolute f**king experts at maintaining pretense.

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