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  • lydia

    Hello all.
    I'm just trying to get a handle on everyone in how long have all of you been out of the BORG?
    Also how long was it till you got on here??
    And last but not least where are you from?

  • JBean

    Hi! If you get a reply from everyone... you'll be reading posts for a loooong time! : )

    I'm not out...yet (have EXTENDED JW family). Laying very low... questioning a lot. I live & work in the NY Metro area.

  • FormerOne

    Been out about 10 years, just drifted away, never DF'd. Believe it or not, just started checking this site out a few months ago. I'm glad I found it! By the way, I'm from California.

  • openminded

    Its been about 2 years since my last meeting.

    Just last night when my wife got home from her 2 day, she asked if I would come back to meetings. I said I would go to the hall if she went to a b-day party for my son(who she drags to all the meetings). She said "NO WAY". She then asked me with everything going on in the world where do I find comfort(as if she expected me to shrug my shoulders)(must have been the theme of the assembly)? I told her I find comfort in all the good I see from couragous human beings who genuinely care for each other enough to sacrafice their own lives for others as the firemen in NYC did. Then she mentioned that the "brothers" were helping out in NYC too. I said "good for them" and then we sat quiet for the rest of the night.

  • RR

    I've been out physically about ten years. Mentally? I was probably in about three years, but I stayed because I enjoyed it and felt despite its problems, these were good people.

    I was always an independent thinker, which is probably what saved me from giving up my Christian freedom to them. But in the end, I stepped down, walked out and never went back except for a funeral.

    Never been DF'd, as far as their concerned, I'm inactive, and that's the way I like it! Despite my involvement with another Church.

    Religion is man's attempt to reach God,
    Jesus is God's attempt to reach man.

  • lydia

    You are truely in a hard position there. I haven't been to a meeting for almost 2 yrs myself. I never questioned anything really until I had a horrible experience with the "elders" . I was like you a bit RR - I enjoyed the company. Then I became inactive and Finally I sent a letter to the congregation in the areaa to which I moved asking to be dissasociated.
    Never heard back.
    I don't regret it for a minute, and like you I take courage from those around me .
    like you Former One, I just found this site a few mos ago. It has been a "God Send" to use a phrase.
    Also, I forgot to mention I am in Pennsylvania.
    Look forward to knowing more of you!
    Greetings to all!

  • peaceloveharmony

    hi lydia

    i've been out of the borg 9 years now. i got on this site back in december and before this site i lurked at H2O for awhile.

    and i'm from minneapolis, minnesota.

    nice to meet you lydia


    Most people think, Great God will come from the skies, Take away everything And make everybody feel high. But if you know what life is worth, You will look for yours on earth: And now you see the light, You stand up for your rights.~~Bob Marley

  • garybuss

    Hi Lydia

    I drifted away in 1974 and kicked the door in 1975. I was a believing walkaway and lived with that dread of impending doom I had know my whole life until I took some questions to the elders in 1993. I had read Crisis Of Conscience by then. I was actually hoping they could answer my questions in a satisfactory way and I could return to the group and more association with my Witness relatives. I got a knee jerk reaction and soon after I approached the elders with my questions the shunning started.

    I took a rather high profile approach to voicing the results of my extensive research into the Watch Tower Corporation and it’s history. That has had the positive effect of being marked as apostate. I have been communicating by internet with Witnesses, past and present, since 1995.

    I live near Sioux Falls, South Dakota USA.

  • sweetone2377

    I've been out for over a year, but only found this site a few weeks ago. I am currently living in Canton Ohio (famous for the Football Hall of Fame, not to mention summer long block parties in it's favor!).

    "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled." ~ Matt. 5:6

  • RR

    Yep, I had some good experiences. But you know what? It wasn't hard for me to just get up and leave. I had nothing holding me back. In fact I enjoyed the last year or so where I really pushed the envelop to see what would happen.

    I was well respected in the congregation and my fellow elders hated me with a passion, but nonetheless respected me for speaking my mind. But after a year I grew tired of the game and so redigned my position, they were more than happy to accept it, because they never bothered to talk with me, I handed it to them on a Tuesday during a elders meetings and walked out the door, they announced it the next day at the meeting.

    But I got the last laugh, because I kicked the bookstudy out of my home, and I refuse to lend support to the congregation in any way except witnessing.

    A servant tapped me on the shoulder and extended the microphone to me before the Watchtower study, I looked at him and laughed, "I don't do that anymore" I said, and sat back down. One of the elders looked at me and gave me a smirk.

    Religion is man's attempt to reach God,
    Jesus is God's attempt to reach man.

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