Our town just got hit by terrorists!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Seeker


    For instance, on September 11, I heard ONCE, on TV, that the plane over Pennsylvania was accompanied by Air Force jets, then exploded, in the air and crashed. The implication was there that it was shot down. Now there are all kinds of heroes being touted. Who knows what really happened? We never will know.

    I noticed that too, and I consider it a real possibility that the plane was shot down and is now being covered up to spare the feelings of the family members, and also to avoid a PR nightmare. Consider the events:

    By the time this plane was hijacked, the other hijackings were known and the WTC had been hit. So the authorities had sent military aircraft to each of the planes. Authorities admitted later that there were aircraft flying with the PA airline and prepared to shoot it down should it be necessary. So it really made no difference what the people on board did, that plane would never have made it to the White House. Remember, they admit this much.

    Several cell phone conversations were going on during this time, and shortly after one fellow phoned that they were going to rush the hijackers, the person on the other end of the line heard an explosion. Before the plane crashed.

    Witnesses heard an explosion before the crash. Part of the plane crashed to the ground miles before the place itself crashed. That would only happen with a previous explosion.

    With those facts that were all reported that day and heard by me directly, I think it's possible, if not probable, that the plane was shot down. Why lie about it? Because the "hero" story sounded better, and what's the difference? Either way the plane is down, and this way you can't criticize the government.

    It wouldn't be the first time the news gets it completely wrong. Remember after the Columbine shooting how we heard endlessly about the girl who admitted her faith in God and then got shot? Never happened. It was another person who said that, and the person who got shot didn't. But the confusion of the moment got the story mangled, and by the time the media finally untangled it and cleared it up (in a small follow-up story), the "hero" story was too good to give up, and people probably to this day believe it, even though it never happened.

    Now, the people on this plane were, indeed, heroic for making the attempt. But I think the reason the plane crashed was because it was shot down by the military. Someday we'll see a tiny follow-up story to explain the things that have been ignored up till now.

    An important lesson to us all during this time: in the "fog of war", so to speak, a lot of rumors make it onto the news. Not all of it turns out to be relevant. We're going to hear lots of "terrorists just did it again!" type stories in the weeks and months to come. Some will turn out to have some truth to them, as Moe's story that she relayed did, and some will turn out to be totally unconnected, such as that Milan plane crash today. Wait for confirmation, don't jump to conclusions.

  • Virginia

    I'm sure I will hear about it for jumping into such as heated discussion first time out, but I felt the need to respond to the hysterical tone in most of this thread. I am Dedalus's fiancee (some of you may remember me as Foxy from the last site). I have been home all day with the news on in the background most of the time. For the sake of some much needed reassurance I would like to report what I have heard on MSNBC today.

    The second case of anthrax is not being viewed as the beginning of an outbreak/terrorist attack.

    Firstly, mass outbreaks (of anthrax or almost any other contagion used in biological warfare) do not have four day breaks in between the first two victims.

    Secondly, the second victim has what is being referred to as a "very mild" case which will likely and hopefully not be fatal.

    Thirdly, there is absolutely no information being given on how the two victims contracted anthrax, but it is definitely notbeing said that it was from a contaminated keyboard. This would be a very unlikely route of transport for anthrax which is notoriously a complicated disease to spread. There are many reasonable ways that the first victim could have contracted this and anthrax appears in hospitals at times without alarm of biological warfare.

    We are all a little jumpy lately and unfortunately the rumors and overeager television reporting do not help. Let's try to be responsible here and not add to the type of overreaction that can lead to misinformed hysteria and hate.

    In response to Mr. Moe's experience it may be entirely possible that the fear and confusion of today have led to an unintentional and unknowing overdramatization of events. Either way, I sincerely hope that everything is alright and that everyone is safe. Times like this are when all the crazies come out of the woodwork and what happened to Mr. Moe's boss may be completely unrelated to terrorism or current events in general.


  • Seeker


    Times like this are when all the crazies come out of the woodwork and what happened to Mr. Moe's boss may be completely unrelated to terrorism or current events in general.

    You are absolutely right (and welcome! btw). NYC has seen an endless stream of bomb scares over the past few weeks -- none of them real, none of them connected to the terrorists. As soon as there is attention, the nuts come crawling out and add to the mess.

  • Mulan

    Thanks Seeker. Glad to know I'm not nuts........or remembering things that didn't happen.

    Has anyone read Vektor, by Robin Cook? The antrhax in that story was used by a terrorist. Very probable and very scary. The keyboard COULD be a target, according to that book. It would work.

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)
    "Those who know, don't say, and those who say, don't know."

  • willy_think

    lol.. Mrmoe you kill me.

  • Teirce

    Just like the FBI has 100 bad leads to every good lead, it looks like there's going to be 100 hoaxes to every real threat. All this crying wolf is going to put people to sleep for when something real happens.

    I don't mean the poster - we'll get better at raking info out of 'ground-zero victims' as more hoaxes happen - I mean the dorky trickster jackasses that are going to be inspired by how much panic they can now cause by a note and a package. All it takes, obviously, is about the same cost of materials as went into the boxcutters.

    I share your emotion, Brutus. I would have also been legitimately pissed and worried that my ass belonged to Jesus if such an announcer had not come clean with some detail in damn short order. But trust me - you'll learn to roll over in bed, as it were, the more of these hoaxes you hear. Pretty soon you'll be sleeping like a baby. :)

  • julien

    Regarding the Florida anthrax thing, I'll bet that it was a terrorist "dry run" type test of their weapon. Possibly testing delivery through air conditioning system to see if it would work, also to see if the bacteria is alive and effective. Now they know it works, they will do the same thing on a large building. How many buildings have a guard posted at the AC units?

  • Ranchette

    There's one thing I'd like to point out here.
    I hope I'm never judged on my credibility based on the fact that I can't or won't tell were I live at this time.
    I don't know what happened exactly on this thread and I don't know what MR Moe was thinking.Neither did you.This is just something I want yall to think about.

    I do not live in a city.I live in such a small place that If I told where I live some people would Know exactly who I am.I know it's hard to imagine a place this small exists but it does.I'm not ready to come out yet, so please dont judge any one for not being specific on these things.
    Hope you understand what I'm saying here.

  • teejay

    was the "where" question ever answered? just curious.

  • Robdar

    Hi Virginia,

    You said
    Quote: "Thirdly, there is absolutely no information being given on how the two victims contracted anthrax, but it is definitely notbeing said that it was from a contaminated keyboard."

    I have been watching CNN all day and yes, this afternoon, there was a statement that the anthrax was on a contaminated computer keyboard.

    This must have been announced while you were taking a potty break.

    "Ha'Shem hu ha'Elokim"

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