To wait or not to wait?

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  • Frenchy

    Okay, this need not necessarily be controversial but I would like some honest opinions on the matter. From time to time (in last Sunday’s WT lesson for example) I read in the magazines or hear brothers say this in their talks. (With some variation) “Aren’t we grateful that Jehovah has waited this long before loosing Armageddon on mankind? Isn’t it loving on his part to allow all this time for people to come to know him?”

    Is it just me or do you see something wrong with this reasoning? All this time that’s elapsing and ‘allowing honest hearted people to come to Jehovah’ is also the same time that’s allowing all those babies being born. What about them? Do we wait for them too, after all, some will become JW’s. Also, if delay is a good thing, then why pray for the kingdom to come? Why does everyone seem to want it to come if delaying is really good?

    Now what about this factor here that never seems to be mentioned: How much heartache and pain and grief and anguish and LIVES would have been spared if Armageddon had come twenty years ago?

    So, what gives? Who wants to help me out on this one?

  • Caliban

    Yes, the longer he waits then the MORE people there will be who have not heard any warning message due to population growth.
    This would make it impossible for the end to ever come unless, like you said, billions of children / babies were to be destroyed without having a chance.

  • mgm

    I don't understand that point too, because the one which never heard about the "truth" will have another chance to make decision during the 1000 years, according to our teaching.
    So from this point of view it doesn't matter, when armageddon comes, does it?
    For a lot of people it's even better, if they never heart about the kingdom.
    That's why I don't set myself much under pressure to make a certain amount of houres in service every month....

  • spectromize

    All very good replies,

    I would just like to say that in some parts of the earth where the muslin religion has a strong hold, very few of the witnesses are there preaching and there are millions of people on the earth who don't have a clue as to who jehovah's witnesses are and the promised kingdom. Only Jehovah knows the day or the hour and what ever time he sees fit to bring the end will be at His own doing, not at our own wishing.

  • waiting

    Good question. Also, there is tremendous growth in the former Russia, etc. area - with the Witnesses and many other religions. A lot of literature and studies are being placed.

    From my understanding, only in a few nations, US, Europe, and another major one, is literature placed on a donation basis, (Jimmy Swaggart Court Case, where the attorneys of Jehovah's Witnesses pleaded for his cause of not paying sales tax on the religious items he sold, he lost - and shortly thereafter our literature went for donation money). Most, if not all third world countries still pay for the WT literature. So maybe there's still a lot of literature to sell?

    Please don't think I'm unduly sarcastic - I just think it's odd that in the poor third world countries, where the material needs are greater - interested persons still pay for our bible literature.

  • Frenchy

    All very good replies, thank you. It's my understanding (please correct me if I'm wrong) that just recently EVERYONE went on the 'donation' arrangement.

  • mgm

    Yes, that's right. as far as I knwo, from january, 1th, the literature is given worldwide for donation.
    Finally, there is unity in this matter.

  • waiting

    Thanks for your response on literature being on donation basis world wide as of 1/1/00. Where, please, can I find that infor. in the WT literature? That was my question.

  • overthehillgrandma

    hello I am new to this site, and I understand what you are saying..I just know that if it had come yrs ago I would not of had my grandbabies, my children are not JW's but I am trying to give the "truth" to my grandbabies..often I even question just what is to come? and feel bad when I question this (in my mind) I do not feel it is a lack of faith, just an honest question..
    hello to all of you

  • mgm

    Hello waiting
    you won't find the news about donation in the WT literature. Since there was no unity in that point, the society doesn't like to let the flock know about..
    I know it from H2O Forum. Australia planned to have a new tax from this year on. Since the WTS doesn't like to pay tax at all, they changed the donation system too. The same time it was changed worldwide, since some 3th world counties still had to pay for the literature.
    But dear waiting, don't forget to pay your tax on time :::))))

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