JW literature cart spot pinched by another church group!

by stuckinarut2 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • bemused
    As UK comedian Harry Hill would say - 'There's only one way to settle this ........ FIIIIIIIIGHT!'
  • respectful_observer
    Sooooo funny!
    The spot that is used by the local cong in our town for the literature cart has been taken over by another church group!
    The witnesses arrived to set up, and another group was in the exact same spot, with a table, and brochures and a sign....
    It will be a great thing as it dilutes the effectiveness of the witness activity, by making it look confusing to the local town people!...

    They'll spin it at their next Circuit Assembly that the other church realized how successful the JW-cart technique is, so decided to copy it...however their attempt did not have Jehovah's blessing, so it was not as successful.

  • Divergent
    It would be great if the spot was taken over by a cart group promoting awareness of JW sex abuse cases!
  • stuckinarut2

    Nice idea Just kidding!

    And yes respectful_observer...I would stake money on that exact scenario happening!!!

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