Which school of thought is right about How long were the Israelite's in Egypt 215 or 430 years?

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    Why do warm and fuzzies win out over logic and evidence, why?

    warm and fuzzies are strong in this one...

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    I save my warm and fuzzies for people I want to be near my warm and fuzzy,not people pretending to know things on the internet.
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    One point that may be gleaned from the maps is that from early times, what we think of as Israelite territory was likely under the control of Egypt, and later became a contested area in struggles between the Egyptian Empire and competitors.

    So rather than the Israelite ancestral heroes journeying down to Egypt, Egypt in the form of occupying armies and military governors, was right there with them.

    Or, alternately, we can see from the maps that there was a close association between the proto-Israelites (of Canaanite origin) and the Egyptian Empire. If there was a famine that caused a migration south to Egypt, we may understand that as a logical journey within the confines of the Egyptian Empire.

    Whatever the truth behind the fairy stories, we can see the close association and influence that ancient Egypt must have exercised on the peoples within the Egyptian empire.

    If you want to read a quick overview of the current scholarship on the subject, the Wikipedia entry at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Exodus seems to be a reasonable place to start.

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