The "preaching work" is just laughable!

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  • BluesBrother
    what happened to the preaching work we did?

    It has been dumbed down so that even the newbies and youngsters do not need to develop skills at teaching or debate, anymore.

    It used to be hard. One had to (in my youth) recall a 3 scripture sermon and deliver it in an engaging way , and overcome objections. Now it seems the only difficulties are the boredom and the cold weather as they stand doggedly next to their trolleys or shove mags into people's hand. Even House to House work is mainly giving out leaflets and tracts..

    I am so glad that I am out......

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    Remember when a Bible study was really a Bible study where you went to someone's home, sat down at the table with Bible in hand along with a study aide and for an hour or more actually helped someone understand the Bible.

    This is how 'laughable' JW Bible studies have become: Notice what the July 2004 KM states what constitutes a study in JW world today:

    "When to Report a Bible Study: If you regularly and systematically have Bible discussions, though brief, using the Bible along with one of the recommended publications, you are conducting a Bible study. This is true even if the study takes place on the doorstep or over the telephone. The study may be reported when it has been conducted two times after the study arrangement is demonstrated and if there is reason to believe that the study will continue."

    The C.O. at a recent circuit assembly told his audience that the 'though brief' could be as little as 5 minutes on the front door step! So each time a JW makes a return visit on someone on a regular basis and extends his visits out to five minutes then it can go down as a Bible study.

    So when WT reports in the annual Year Books that a 'Gazillion' Bible Studies are being conducted worldwide; just be reminded that they are nothing but abrupt discussions about nothing at the front doorstep of a householder!:)

  • stuckinarut2

    Indeed JWgonebad!

    The figures reported mean so little when the facts are taken into account!

  • Zoos

    If they can bill an international award for flat floors at the Orangeburg, SC assembly hall as an indication of God's blessing, then attributing preaching work numbers to Jah ain't nuth'n.


    The "preaching work" is just laughable!



    .............LOITERING.............................................JW LOITERING..

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  • Phizzy

    I think that deep down the JW's themselves realize that their "preaching" is no such thing, and is indeed laughable.

    Point this out to them, as I have done, and they offer no defense, but in typical JW non-listening fashion, a short time later will quote the "Preaching Work" as proof they are god's Org.

  • steve2

    I think that deep down the JW's themselves realize that their "preaching" is no such thing, and is indeed laughable.

    Undoubtedly, some who do this "work" are possibly deep thinkers. But to survive in the organization, any kind of "deep down" thinking is hazardous. In fact, I'd say that if any JW has got to the stage of realizing "deep down" the preaching work is "laughable", they would be well and truly either inactive or heading in that direction.

    In the organization, any level of deeper thinking is hazardous to one's mental and emotional health.

  • tidalblitz
    I heard it mentioned that you actually need to be "trained" to take the cart out. Is that true? And that you need to be in good standing? Or some such nonsense. What's so hard/important about standing around next to a cart doing jack that I need to be trained and in good standing to do it?
  • FadeToBlack
    Today on the way home, at the train station I saw not 1, not 2 but 3 trolleys standing proudly next to one of the entrances. I guess they were expecting a big crowd. I slowly walked as close as possible by the carts as I could get, but not even one of the 3 cart guardians even attempted to engage me in eye contact let alone say hello. Maybe I have to beg for some literature?
  • OrphanCrow

    I think that the recent move by the WTS to reduce the contact between their 'publishers' and the public is a direct result of the public being better informed about issues such as the rampant child abuse and the WTS' cultic tactics. The WTS does not want the JWs to interact with the householder anymore because of the increasing critical attention that the media is giving them. The JWs are susceptible to hearing things the WTS does not want them to know.

    By putting the JWs into public spaces such as campuses and subway stations and malls, the effect is twofold. They increase their visibility in the face of falling numbers and they insulate their existing members by reducing the public/JW discourse (in spite of the trolleys being set in public places).

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