The "preaching work" is just laughable!

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  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri
    JW GoneBad 5 hours ago
    The JW's preaching work is not only laughable....but asinine, comical, hilarious, ineffective, fruitless and worthless!

    The 'little cart with a big heart' will be so offended when it sees your comment.

  • freemindfade
    Well for them what is the rush now, 100years came and went, we are on generation version 3.0, if anything now, they may want the preaching to drag out slower. It's buying them time
  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    stand in the subway station like a statue holding up the magazines.

    Yes, it is hardly disaster response, is it?

    Of course, if this world is not really in imminent danger of destruction after all, then it hardly matters!


  • stuckinarut2
    Yes indeed...the more we extract ourselves from the JW world and mindset, the more we see just how stupid it all is!
  • smiddy

    The longer Jehovah delays Armageddon the less likely people are going to know who or what a Jehovah Witness is let alone make an informed decision as to who or why they should worship him.

    And as it has been so eloquently said before , the average "witness " today is pathetic at giving a bible based discussion on any subject .

    They have been so indoctrinated with their Q.&A. responses they are given at their meetings when someone asks them a real question they don`t have a to answer .

    Jehovah Witnesses are not Bible students they are Watchtower propaganda students.


  • JWCartPusher

    You have no idea what I saw, there's a "NO PARKING ZONE" $250 Gridlock sign where the Pioneers park the Cart while they hide in bushes from the Sun or head in to Starbucks to get a drink.

    How is the Public going to access the Trolley or Cart if they can't park, Sister Pioneer spent five hours sitting on a chair near the bushes, in the bushes and inside Starbucks while the Trolley was parked on the sidewalk of a "NO PARKING" "NO Stopping!" Zone, what happened to the preaching work we did?

  • stillin

    On the other hand, I can think back to conversations that I had with people that had some actual substance. I connected with people sometimes and maybe gave a little boost out of some funk they were in.

    Sometimes they even started to go to church again! Haha!

  • Vidiot

    smiddy - "Jehovah Witnesses are not Bible students they are Watchtower propaganda students."

    I don't even think the word "student" really applies, FTM.

    stillin - "Sometimes they even started to go to church again!"


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    if i bother to think back 50 years ago when i started pioneering--i couldnt help but notice the sort of new ones that were attracted to the club. mostly misfits--losers--emotionally damaged types that came into it for the false promise it held out to them. hardly the sharpest tools in the box.
  • WTWizard

    While you are in field circus, you cannot:

    Enjoy the present. You cannot go to that theme park or museum. You also cannot work to make a living full time, or prepare for a real life.

    Look at the way things really are. You cannot be watching the scams on Wall Street, seeing how they are preparing to take the maximum number of people to destitution by crying wolf on hyperinflation, then smashing precious metal prices down, crying wolf on deflation, then really doing the hyperinflation. You can neither spend your money to enjoy it now nor invest it in gold or silver so you can enjoy it later.

    Take care of your health. How often do people get stuck in field circus while they are sick or in danger of becoming sick.

    Think of anything except what you are supposed to be placing. This means doctrinally. It also means how to be better prepared for that rainy, foggy day or to go into that hallway lit with a single squiggly thing, only to have a blackout or have the bulb blow.

    Look at astrology. While our knowledge of astrology has been corrupted, it is still far better than the washtowel.

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