Walter Salter's Letter 4 Newbies

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  • wobble

    Johnny the Bethelite is down there counting right this minute. "One million, one hundred thousand dollars, one million two hundred thousand dollars.........."

    Hey ! Where's he going with that suitcase ?

    Thanks for posting this Lady Lee, I had read the thread before, but had not saved a copy of the letter for use, thanks again, this really shines a powerful light on the BS of the kind in the Proclaimers book that tries to pretend everything was hunky-dory back then, I just hope the date on the letter, April 1st, is a coincidence !

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Pure coincidence.

    Rutherford spent a great deal of time and WT pages trying to make Salter lookms like the devil incarnate - Dare I say: He protested too much?

  • wannabefree

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