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  • Farkel

    Several people have asked me about Walter Salter's letter menntioning smuggling cases of liquor for Grudge Rutherford. For those of you who haven't yet seen it, here it is. I doubt that a letter more damning for Da Judge than this one could ever have been written:


    P.O. Box no. 404
    Toronto, Canada
    April 1, 1937

    Hon. J.F. Rutherford
    4140 Braeburn Road
    Kensington Heights,
    San Diego, California

    I wrote you on January 25th embodying an article which I believe proved by the Scriptures that our Lord has not returned and that the saints have not yet been resurrected. That Christ has not returned is proven clearly by His statement in Matthew 24 wherein, having outlined all the things to occur at the end of the age, including the great tribulation, He said: "When ye see ALL these things know that He is nigh even at the door." Verse 33, Diaglott; and margin King James version. Mark well the Master's words for He says even after ye see all these things He would not be present, but near, even at the door. Well did He warn His true followers not to be deceived by any man saying He was present when He was not?

    I also suggested, that "the battle of that great day of God Almighty" is not necessarily "the battle Of God Almighty" but merely a mighty and final battle of Satan's visible forces among themselves, in which God would put it Into their hearts to destroy churchianity. The time of the battle is the day of God Almighty, just as one might say in the day of Shakespeare, and that would in no sense prove that God was going to fight any more than it would prove Shakespeare was going to fight. God's act of destruction of Satan's forces will be beyond Armageddon.

    Two years ago last summer you made the statement to me and another that you had bluffed all your life. I believe that was one of the truest statements you ever made and I am now calling your bluff, and challenge you to answer the article above referred to point by point and prove from the Scriptures that Armageddon is the battle of God Almighty.

    The premise of all the teachings of the Society's publications which might be spoken of as spiritual teaching i.e., teachings which are supposed to be for the Lord's people, is that Christ has returned and is at His temple for judgement. The burden of the Society's message to the world is that God at Armageddon will destroy all the forces of Satan. If Christ has not returned, and I now believe He has not, and if Armageddon is not God's battle, and I believe it is not, the light in that connection has come to us not through the WATCHTOWER but from another source, which, proves that the WATCHTOWER is not the channel through which God is feeding His people and not only so but that all the teachings presented therein since 1918 and based on these false premises are wrong!

    So much for doctrine: now a word regarding what I feel constrained to state concerning the corruption otherwise of the Society.

    As the scales by the Lord's grace, have fallen from my eyes I have been astounded to see how blinded I have been to your actions, through a superstition that the WATCHTOWER was the Lord's channel of meat in due season for the household of faith and that you as President of the Society were God's chief servant amongst His people, and that you being responsible we should be submissive to whatsoever you required done, foolishly thinking that I had no responsibility in the matter and that anything you did that was wrong, or that I did as ordered by you, the Lord would overrule. It was with this thought in mind that I, at your orders would purchase cases of whiskey at $60.00 a case, and cases of brandy and other liquors, to say nothing of untold cases of beer. A bottle or two of liquor would not do; it was for THE PRESIDENT and nothing was too good for THE PRESIDENT. He was heaven's favorite, why should not he have everything that would gratify his desires for comfort. True, I had a part therein for I partook of your hospitality, or shall I say the Society's hospitality for it was the Society's money but I partook, as above stated, being blinded with the idea the THE PRESIDENT was in charge and therefore responsible and not I. Today I see that the thought was absolutely wrong and that the squandering of the Society's money in that respect was a mis-appropriation of funds, and I should have taken no part therein whatsoever. I confess my wrong before the friends and before the Lord and ask their forgiveness and His.

    Often as I thought about this extravagance and waste and then thought of the lot of the pioneers I was puzzled, but my conscience was lulled by the belief that the Lord was using you to serve His cause and people and therefore I did not and dared not say anything that I thought would cause the friends to lose confidence in you as a servant of the Lord. True, I have humorously said to those whom I thought were our mutual friends things regarding your idiosyncrasies that all MEN between friends say one of another, just as you have said of me, which things I know have been traitorously (Matthew 24:10, John 16:1,2) reported to you not along out of their setting but so out of their spirit that none who wanted to know the truth would recognize them as the original statements, and before my God I can state I have never to my knowledge done anything intentionally to injure you, the work of the Society, or its interests, in my life. In that betrayal you joined hands - not that I mind in point of fact I thank God that He permitted it and assure you I would do good to any of the conspirators had I the opportunity.

    While recognizing your position as President of the corporation I have always reserved the right to think. It has been well said, "A man who cannot think is an idiot, a man who won't think is a fool, and a man who is afraid to think is a coward." I absolutely refuse to have any person do my thinking for me. I could not do otherwise and be faithful to my God. I could not be a Russellite and be faithful to God; I could not be a Rutherfordite and be faithful to God; I could not be a Channelite and be faithful to God; and I could not be a Dawnite or any other Ite and be faithful to God. To be such, to my understanding of the Scriptures, would mean one was defiled with women (organizations) and subject to their will and not the will of God. (Revelation 14:4) "He that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully (And not the deductions and sophistries of men" no matter what they may claim for themselves or their office - or organization with which they happen to be associated,) "Behold. I am against them that prophesy false dreams, saith the Lord...and cause My people to err by their lies, and by the lightness." Jeremiah 23:28,42 . True, all these Ites or Iarns have some truth: some more, some less. Otherwise they could not deceive the people. It is with that very truth, together with the sophistries of men, that Satan blinds men; in fact the more truth they have when wrongfully used, the more deceptive they are. Each claim to speak with authority, some much more dogmatically than others. Paul well counsels, "Beware any lest man spoil your through philosophy." - Col. 2:8.

    The squandering of the Society's money on liquor was only one thing I had cause to wonder over; there were other things. I could not help but contrast with the lot of the pioneers the luxury that you surrounded yourself with and the comfort that I enjoyed, and among these luxuries I cannot refrain from mentioning the following:

    1. Now one but two 16-cylinder cars, one in California and one in New York. One would not suffice for THE PRESIDENT nor would a 6 cylinder car be big enough for THE PRESIDENT, but a 4 would do for a pioneer, or a bicycle or a hand-sleigh, or trudging along without any vehicle at all.

    2. Your New York apartment, easily worth a rental of $10,000.00 a year. And its luxurious furnishings.

    3. Your palatial residence on Staten Island, camouflaged as essential to the broadcasting station WBBR.

    4. As though that residence were not sufficient, a further small place of seclusion in the woods of Staten Island where you can go and rest your weary body while the pioneers and others trudge from door to door.

    5. Your further abode at San Diego, for which you yourself told me you were offered $75,000.00, but of course it could not be sold and the funds used to help the pioneers because it was deeded to David - what hypocrisy!

    6. Commodious and expensive quarters in Magdeburg, Germany, for the convenience of THE PRESIDENT, to say nothing of the provision made for your comfort in London.

    As what is your mental attitude toward all this? Why you glory in it and brazenly advertise it to the friends. "Who dares find fault therewith? Am I not THE PRESIDENT?" Yes, you glory in it, glorying in your shame.

    Nothing is too good for THE PRESIDENT. He must have every comfort and every consideration, but he feels very sympathetic and so tenderly disposed toward the "dear pioneers." Words are easy, but actions speak louder than words and I cannot imagine a more striking illustration, even as between the clergy class and laity, than between yourself and the pioneers as referred to be Jesus words when he said: "For they (the hypocrites) bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their little fingers...Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites for ye devour widows compass sea and land to make one proselyte. And love...the chief seats in the synagogues...and to be called by men, "Rabbi Rabbi" (some distinctive name). Truly the pioneers and others have had burdens heaped upon them that you would not move with one of your fingers. Truly the widows have been robbed at your suggestion, or rather I should say command, for your command to the friends is, "Take their last penny for a book; they need it more than bread." What a spirit! And yet the friends submit to it. While a few will take the penny and as Paul says, "glory in their shame," how the vast majority hate it, but feel they must obey - God is speaking. What sacrilege! What blasphemy! What trafficking in the name of the Heavenly Father! The friends have served you faithfully, they have unknowingly been your servants, robbed by you of everything even the word of God and his precious promises which you have made null and void by your vain babblings; trudging on day by day, wondering but without a murmur. My what faithfulness, and what a taskmaster! I feel sure many will have their eyes opened, for 7,000, at least at heart have not bowed the knee to Baal even though they have advertised your name more than that of God Almighty. I would that you had gone from door to door as the pioneers and others have, and you would then know what you are talking about.

    I could go on at much length about the things I know considering your personal conduct and the contrast between yourself and the pioneers, but I choose not. My sole purpose in outlining my personal experience with you is with the earnest hope of awakening the friends to the fallacy of putting confidence in man above God's word, or idolizing an office and putting confidence in that office above God's word. A Christian must learn that to honor God he must put faith in God's word and God's word alone, making it his shield and his buckler and not a man or body of men or corporation, no matter what claim is made for that man, body of men or corporation, for soon we get into the paths of human reasoning and that invariably leads us to disaster as the wrecks all along the pathway of the Gospel Age bear witness to. One organization after another Satan has overreached and brought into subjection of his will. The clergy class being overreached by Satan tried to establish the Kingdom before its time and convert the world. Of course, they claimed they were not doing it but God was. So today Satan has overreached the Society and has caused the friends through the WATCHTOWER to believe the time has come to establish the Kingdom and gather together the great multitude before the time, claiming of course that they are not doing it but that God is. But God is not and they are therefore not getting nowhere as all honest brethren are now admitting and are asking the questions, "if the millions who will never die, constitute the great multitude, are being gathered, where are they? For they certainly are not coming in our town or city." You know and I know, all who read the reports intelligently know, that despite all our stupendous effort - there are less than 50,000 associated with the Society in its work! If for the next ten years there should become associated an average of 50,000 a year, at the end of that time there would then only be 550,000. How long would it take at that rate to gather the "millions who would never die," and if such must take their stand before Armageddon, as you teach, how far away is Armageddon? Well, someone will say, "Well, if that be true what are we doing now?" The Bible answers the question: "We have been with child, we have been in pain, we have as it were brought forth wind; we have not brought any deliverance in the earth; neither have the inhabitants of the earth fallen." Isaiah 26:18. "Not everyone that saith unto me,' Lord, Lord' shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, "Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name and in thy name have cast out devils, and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then I will profess unto them, 'I never knew you; depart from me, ye that work iniquity." - Matthew 7:21-23. The Roman Catholic Church is doing a great work but in the name of the Roman Catholic Church. Likewise the Protestant systems are doing a great work in their names, and the Salvation Army is doing a great work in its name, but the Society is doing it in His most holy name (Jehovah). "In fact, Lord, we're so busy with works we have hardly time to open our Bibles, let alone study them. You see, Lord we have our YEAR BOOK to study now and that tells of our wonderful works, and our PRESIDENT, too, is very busy writing books. And oh, Lord, he is so courageous and his faith in Thee so great that he gets behind four walls, or surrounds himself literally with an armed bodyguard, and bellows away his dreams (Jeremiah 23:31,82) [sic] and sends us out from door to door to face the enemy while he goes from 'drink to drink,' and tells us if we don't we are going to be destroyed. But don't misunderstand us Lord, we don't do it from fear or for reward, but because of our great love for you, and therefore will not be disappointed if we get no reward, but our hope is we will spared through Armageddon. Our PRESIDENT, Lord, is really a very important man. Of course he says he is not even though he thinks he is, but then that is his modesty, and whatever he says we will do. Now, Lord, is that faithfulness to your or faithfulness to a man? You see, he says he speaks for you and it is not for us to reason why; ours is but to do and die; and 'we love to have it so.' Of course he says when he speaks personally it might not be correct to say he is speaking for you, but when he speaks as PRESIDENT or through the WATCHTOWER or books then you speak; is it not wonderful!"

    In fact these publications, he says, contain your commands and we must obey. My, what a difference a little man-made office or a little paper and ink make. How authoritative one then becomes and just on a par with the Catholic priest who says bread and wine is just bread and wine but he blesses it, oh my, it is the actual body and blood of Christ!! How alike Mr. Rutherford (excuse me, I should have said 'Judge') is to Mr. Ratti, for does not Mr. Ratti say when he speaks personally it is nothing but when he speaks as the Pope, he speaks infallibly. "Oh," some will say, "the Roman Catholic Church is the counterfeit of the true and the Society is the true church." But the question might be asked is it not more reasonable to conclude that the Society is the counterfeit of the Roman Catholic Church even though the Catholic Church is not the true church, do not appear to be the work of the same potter? Note, the spirit of both: pride, arrogance, intolerance, bombast, to say nothing of the spirit of judging. Furthermore, Paul's statement in 2nd Thessalonians 2:4,8 seems to have application to both organizations. These verses read: ", that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God. (When we speak officially, God speaks commands. Beware!)...And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall annihilate with the brightness of his coming!"

    Now a word regarding the financial progress of the Society. You inform the friends and the public that the books and booklets are placed with the public at cost - they surely are and more!! You well know that the price to the pioneers until recently covered all costs including all appropriate overhead charges and even now the loss is only slight on some items, while on the other hand the price to the companies and public nets the Society at least 100%! What is this 100% if it is not profit? Poor gullible friends. How they believe everything you tell them!!! Where do they think the millions of dollars invested in buildings, machinery, stock, etc, at Brooklyn, Magdeburg, London, Toronto and other places, to say nothing of your own dwellings, etc, come from if not from profit on the books? You know and I know that the gain the Canadian Office alone during the past few years was a hundred thousand dollars. And at the time I was relieved of my duties there was not only a large sum in the bank as customary but also over $25,000.00 in cash was lying in the Society's vaults at 40 Irwin Avenue and had for years, which could be used for the needs of the President or those whom he might designate in case of an international emergency - and the dear pioneers? Well, of course they could go hungry. Poor gullible friends!! My, were we not blind, and how blind the friends still are! And yet the annual reports tell of our great losses and how it is hoped the Lord will make it up. Well, it is said, "figures don't lie, but liars do figure."

    From the article "Upon Our Lord's Return" which shows it is a future event, which the vast majority of the friends now have, and which others may have upon application, they can choose between a "thus saith the Lord" as found therein and your bombast, bluff, and follow which they choose. Furthermore, from the above testimony, which is true before the Lord as you know it to be, the friends can determine whom you are serving. Many no doubt will decide, "I will remain with the Society until THE PRESIDENT himself through the WATCHTOWER tells me I must go." Poor, deluded children, may God have pity upon them is my earnest prayer. They ultimately will be forced by the logic of events to realize their mistake even as I was forced to, blindest of the blind.

    It seems strange that after our experiences of 1914 and 1925 we should still fail to draw a clear cut line of demarcations between deduction and a "thus saith the Lord", and go on dogmatizing regarding the Lord's presence, dogmatizing about the Lord being at His temple, and dogmatizing concerning what Armageddon will bring about. But there are "none so blind as those who won't see" and they will go on prophesying false dreams until events themselves prove the folly thereof. And this, even though such false teachings bring dishonor to God and His word, for what is prone to dishonor God's word more in the minds of people than testimony that is made with a declaration that it is based upon God's word when that testimony is found to be false. One does well to take heed to Deuteronomy 18:21, 22, which reads: "If thou say in thine heart how shall we know the word, which the Lord hath spoken? When a prophet speaketh in the name of the Lord, if the things follow not nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord hath not spoke, but the prophet hath spoken it presumptously; though shalt not be afraid of him." (An outstanding example, our nonsense concerning what God was going to do in the year 1925.) And again I quote Jeremiah 23:28-82 [sic] "He that hath my word, let him speak my word faithfully...Behold, I am against them that prophecy false dreams, saith the Lord, and do tell them, and cause my people to err by their lies, and by their lightness."

    Up until the time I received the article "Upon Our Lord's Return", above referred to, I believe the Society was the Lord's organization. That article shook my belief therein. I wrote you to see if the article could be answered. It has not been answered. I cannot be answered because it is the truth, and I now no longer believe the Society is the Lord's channel of truth or that you are a servant of the Lord, whatever else you might be. As God is against the Society (Jeremiah 23:98-82) [sic] and every other adulterous woman that defiles men and makes them puppets or "yes men", so must I be. I was active in the service work up to and including the "Jehovah of Hosts" testimony period and then was forced to the conclusion that such service was not only not of God but dishonoring to His Word and Name. Why, one may ask? I answer: because the message contained in the publications is largely based upon the false premise that our Lord is present, the He is at His Temple and that God at Armageddon will destroy Satan's organization and usher in His Kingdom in power and glory upon the earth. The message is spoken presumptously and is based upon p;hilosophy or deduction of man and not upon a "thus saith the Lord." In other words, it is what the Lord speaks of as "false dreams" and He say He is against such and therefore I must be. Was the Lord please with our false dream concerning 1925 and the zeal of the friends in that connection? He was not. Was it a lie. It was. Did we learn any lesson therefrom and humble ourselves before the Lord? We did not but went right on presumptuously heralding broadcast our further dreams in His name. Will He be any more pleased this time with our dream and zeal than he was in 1925? He will not, and therefore it behooves a faithful child of God to courageously take a stand and "come out of her that he be not a partaker of her sins."

    But someone may ask, "if the Society is not doing the Lords work, what is the Lords work?" The answer to this question must stand until a later date. Suffice to say now that just as one required to see in a measure at least the corruption of Churchianity and be dissatisfied therewith before he could accept what truth the Society had, so likewise one must see in a measure at least the corruption of the Society and how far it has departed from a "thus saith the Lords" before he can receive the answer to that question. In the meantime, I would suggest that any who read this letter should read carefully and prayerfully 1st Corinthians 18 and Philippians 4:8, pausing after each sentence to think on what he has read.

    While hardly related to the matter at hand, I could not help but think as I read a recent copy of the GOLDEN AGE of Paul's word in Phil 4:8 which reads: "Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, THINK OF THESE THINGS." I wonder how one could read such blood-curling stuff and obscene language as the GOLDEN AGE contains and at the same time carry out Paul's admonition. But I can hear some scoffer saying, "Oh that was only Paul and he said it long before the Lord came to his temple in 1918. Since then we are taught to be real "He" men, real "Christians" that know how to use strong language.

    In all my twenty years association with you I always had a kindly feeling of love toward you in the Lord and have in sincerity always closed my letters to you giving expression thereto. Even upon this occasion I cannot refrain from saying that I would to God that you would awaken to your position and make full confession before Him, for I have no ill will toward you whatsoever; I pity you and would do you good if I could. Remember, God is a God of loving kindness and tender mercy; His mercy endureth forever!

    As I survey the whole matter I am reminded of Jesus words in John: "This is the condemnation that (cometh upon you) lit is come into the world. And me (you) loved darkness rather than light because their (your) works were evil", not truth but lies, false dreams, vain babblings. "Am I therefore you enemy because I tell you the truth?" Galatians 4:16


    W.F. Salter (signed)


    "When in doubt, duck!"

  • FreePeace

    Hey Fark,

    Can you tell me a little about the authenticity of this letter? I am not doubting you, just want to know where it came from, and how sure you are of its legitimacy.


  • Amazing

    Hi Farkel: Thanks for posting this. It reminds me of the letter that olin Moyle wrote to Rutherford when he was departing Bethel. Salter's letter certainly corroborates what Moyle observed about Rutherflawed's excesses. - Amazing

  • Fredhall


    Like you, that letter is full of shit.

  • DIM

    that letter is there anyway you can scan a copy of the original? thanks.

  • Pathofthorns

    When I first read this letter, I found it rather facinating. While Salter's character from what I've read hardly seems to be without selfish interests, the points in the letter would be meaningless if they were not known to be true by Rutherford.

    Also, Salter was in a position to know these details, and many of these comments are confirmed in Moyle's letter, who seemed to be a man of principle.

    I think these two letters, combined with comments from different ones who served at Bethel under Rutherford, privide strong circumstancial evidence as to what sort of character Rutherford had.

    The Proclaimers book seems particularly hard pressed to mention favorable impressions of the man, and relies heavily on comments by Franz and MacMillan. The book gives the impression that he was intimidating and not well liked and seems to be strained to give the impression that it was only his 'enemies' that hated him.

    It is acknowleged that his style and manner were markedly different than Russell's, who seemed to be rather mild mannered. The harsh difference in the personality of Rutherford versus that of Russell seemed to be a major upset for many in the membership.


  • Fredhall

    Hey All,

    Where is Salter's proof? Salter cannot prove Rutherford have one foot of land.

  • Norm

    Rutherford hated Salters guts and as the complete lunatic he was he proved it beyond doubt just read this, I have posted it earlier:

    "Have you ever hated someone? I mean really hated! Hated so much that you consider him to be the Beast of Revelation or similar? Well, some of us might at one time have hated someone to this extent but very few of us have actually been crazy enough to go out and find a Bible prophecy which we could twist and bend into being fulfilled on this abominable person[s].
    Then again, very few if us have our own cult, with unlimited access to publishing books and magazines no matter what insanities they contain. But suppose you were in that position and was loony enough, would you do it? Well, good old “Booze” Rutherford had the opportunity and he took it. Let us take a look at this masterpiece of “Biblical scholarship” and “meat in due season” from “Jehovah’s channel”.

    In a series of articles in the Watchtower in 1937, Rutherford was showing his madness in full flight.
    In the Watchtower of April 15, 1937, he printed part 6, which had the title: “DRAMA OF VINDICATION”. Rutherford seemed totally obsessed with “Vindication”. As we know Jehovah is supposed to vindicate himself by butchering more people than ever before in human history, no one has of course ever explained how such an act can vindicate anyone. Rutherford, like all Watchtower leaders after him put great emphasis on obedience training. As usual unquestioning obedience is an absolute:

    “The creature that receives God's approval must be obedient. That unchangeable rule applies to all of his creatures. When God made a covenant with Israel he emphasized the necessity for full and complete obedience.”
    The Watchtower, April, 15. 1939, page 115.

    Of course Rutherford wouldn’t stand for anything less than Jehovah. So he as Jehovah’s elected president naturally wanted full unquestioning obedience too.

    To cut a very long-winded story short, here is where the article explains the plot and identifies the good guy’s and the baddies:

    “5 The "accursed thing" at that time was Jericho, and at the present time it is the religious organization and allies called "Christendom". The thing is accursed because doomed for complete destruction by Jehovah's Executive Officer, and to be destroyed for the reason that the thing is an abomination in the sight of God and a reproach to his holy name. Achan, in violation of the expressed command given by Joshua, had greedily taken away from Jericho some things that his avaricious heart desired. The manner of his taking such things is described in verses twenty and twenty one of the seventh chapter of the book of Joshua. "Achan" means "trouble", and those who follow in his course always get into trouble. Mention is made of the incident in another place in the Bible, where he is called "Achar", meaning "troublesome". "And the sons of Carmi: Achar, the troubler of Israel, who transgressed in the thing accursed." (1 Chron. 2: 7) That Achan, or Achar, therefore, pictures those spirit begotten ones in line for the kingdom and who become unfaithful and who bring trouble upon Jehovah’s organization.”The Watchtower, April, 15. 1939, page 116.

    As we can see, Jericho was “at the present time “Christendom”. But Rutherford wasn’t just an ordinary lunatic, and like any ”true believer” fundy, when he was displaying his idiocy he liked to do it thoroughly, so he even timed his insane prophecy:

    “This part of the prophetic drama occurred immediately following the siege of Jericho, and applies in the fulfillment after 1931, and more particularly after 1933, after which the march around the antitypical Jericho had begun.”
    The Watchtower, April, 15. 1939, page 116.

    Well, apparently in some state of delirium he cooked up this utterly insane stuff and from here on in, everything only gets worse. But by all means, try to hang on. According to the Bible Joshua sent people to spy on the town of Ai after Jericho was laid in ruins. Now what was the antitype of Ai?:

    “Look now to the fulfillment of this part of the prophetic drama, and the action taken by Joshua against Ai pictures the activities of the remnant of Jehovah's witnesses from and after A.D. 1933 against Satan's organization, particularly the religionists on the earth. Some serious details are shown which are not set out in relation to the siege and destruction of Jericho. Joshua sent men as spies to get a close up view of Ai, foretelling Christ Jesus would send his men to get a closer view of the Devil's visible organization, that it might be more particularly exposed by his faithful servants. After 1933 the profound exposure of the Devil's chief earthly instrument took place, which gave Jehovah's witnesses an additional close up view of that wicked organization.” The Watchtower, April, 15. 1939, page 116.

    So Ai was “Satan's organization, particularly the religionists on the earth.” And “after 1933” it was “exposed” by the Jehovah's Witnesses. As usual we get the typical ranting about some totally unknown and insignificant event that is supposed to be a fulfillment of a Bible prophecy and which of course not a Jehovah's Witness alive today know anything about:

    “On April 23, 1933, the speech was broadcast on the subject "Effect of Holy Year on Peace and Prosperity", disclosing the close alliance and association of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy with the political and commercial elements that misrule the nations; and that forced the Hierarchy into the open and exposed them, as being against Jehovah and his Kingdom. The facts brought forth in 1935 by the Lord's direction clearly disclosed that the Roman Catholic Hierarchy constitute the modern day Philistines, fighting against the modern Samson, God's anointed people on the earth.”
    The Watchtower, April, 15. 1939, page 116.

    Today, not even the “faithful Jehovah's Witnesses’s” has a clue about these “fulfillment’s”. Anyway, the attack on “Ai” went wrong for Jehovah's Witnesses. Who was the culprit? It was Achan. Who then was the antitypical Achan? Well, maybe you have guessed it already. We get to know that he was very active in Canada:

    “Disaster followed that assault, and the Israelites were compelled to run away after the men of Ai chased them. Ai ark now some of the facts that came to pass in fulfillment. The aforequoted unscriptural and unsound argument was put forth vigorously in some parts of the earth, and for a time the field work, particularly in Canada, lagged behind and many became indifferent.” The Watchtower, April, 15. 1939, page 117.

    The article winds on about Achan and “his modern day antitype” which is again alluded to here:

    “20 It was about 1933 or shortly thereafter that one occupying a position of responsibility in the Lord's organization, and who was aided and abetted by some of his personal admirers, tried to gain something for selfish reasons. A course contrary to instructions had been taken concerning the Canadian radio stations, while at the same time that party pretended to be striving solely for the vindication of Jehovah’s name and for the downfall of Satan's organization.” The Watchtower, April, 15. 1939, page 119.

    Anybody who knew about W. F. Salter was of course able to understand who it was. But in true Watchtower doublespeak and tradition Achan was also a “class”:

    “True, there must be some outstanding individual that takes the lead in such matters, but the fulfillment of the picture applies to all who are of that class; and therefore Achan pictured not particularly an individual, but all of that class of persons who become members of the "evil servant" class.” The Watchtower, April, 15. 1939, page 121.

    Elsewhere in the article it is made abundantly clear who Achan really was:

    “That one person, together with some of his supporters, continued to trouble the Society by sending letters to radio stations and to religionists known to be avowed enemies of God's organization, and to others, wherein threats were made "to break up the organization of the Society within two years".
    The Watchtower, April, 15. 1939, page 124.

    There is no doubt that Rutherford really was having problems with all the information that Salter had provided for the general public. The way he heap scorn and hate on Salter (Achan) page up and page down in the Watchtower really gives us a good idea to which extent this was bothering him.
    This was of course not a very sophisticated way of dealing with the problem, but Salter apparently had been so successful in broadcasting his information that Rutherford thought he had little to loose by this tactic. Anyway, in true Watchtower spirit he was taking every possible step to prevent the individual Jehovah's Witnesses from reading any of Salters material. This is how it was done:

    “The sinful course of Achan caused the Israelites to determine that they would be more diligent in obeying the Lord; and the subsequent facts show that a like influence directed the course of God's faithful people of the remnant, as shown by resolutions adopted and published by them, a sample of which resolutions appears in The Watchtower June 1, 1937, and, amongst other things, contains the following:
    "Almost a year has now passed since (under the Lord's direction) as president of the Society you removed from office one W. P. Salter, to whom we had long looked for leadership in the service, but who had become unfaithful to his charge.
    "At that time some could not quite clearly see the reason for such action. We had, however, implicit confidence in Jehovah and that the steps there taken were under his direction.
    "Subsequent events not only have fully justified this faith and confidence in Jehovah, and yourself as the one used in this connection, but also have made clearly to appear why this action was necessary.
    "Because of the fact that the Lord's people are being, from. this source, now subjected to a barrage of literature calculated to undermine and overthrow their faith, we, the Toronto company of Jehovah’s witnesses, at a joyous assembly on this the eighteenth day of April, nineteen hundred and thirtyseven, unanimously adopt the following resolution, to wit:
    “1. That we fully endorse the action of our president, Brother Rutherford, in thus removing from office one who so manifestly had, by his course of action, said, 'The table of the Lord is contemptible,' and who had 'snuffed' at what is spread on that table, by 'offering polluted bread upon the altar'.
    "2. That, as a means for our protection, we will meet this latest move of the enemy with "(a) Increased activity and interest in the Lord's service, especially in the new 'strange work' just beginning and also the studies in The Watchtower and other publications of the Society. "(b) That we will destroy without reading any such literature received through the mail or otherwise. "(c) That we will turn a deaf ear to any, either among us or outside, who manifests a desire to debate or argue respecting this course of action.
    "3. That * we acknowledge as the visible organization of Jehovah on earth the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, and recognize the Society as the channel or instrument through which Jehovah and Christ Jesus give instruction and meat in due season to the household of faith.
    "4. Further, that we pledge our faith in and loyalty to the Society, and its servants, Brother Rutherford at Brooklyn, and also the branch servant, Brother Chapman at Toronto; that we are pleased and thankful for his appointment in charge of the Lord's work in our midst. We wish to say that, the company following your instructions, working under the unit arrangement, and because of the zeal manifested by the branch servant, Brother Chapman, never before has the interest in and on behalf of the Lord's work been so keenly aroused nor has there ever been such a manifestation of activity as now. We pledge our co operation to the fullest extent with him in the work, and, together with you, pray that the Lord will smite His enemy to the dust and shine forth in Kingdom glory.
    "5. That we once more express our united determination to do the will of Jehovah as expressed through his executive officer, Christ Jesus. That, in obedience to God's commandments, having heard the call, 'Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle,' we will carry forth the fruits of the kingdom to our brethren, the great multitude, who must be led and fed by Christ Jesus before Armageddon and may be preserved at Armageddon in vindication of Jehovah’s name. The Watchtower June 1937, page 175.”

    This resolution was of course “adopted unanimously” by the “faithful” in the various assemblies, also by those who had no idea who Salter was. This “modus operandi” has been followed by all “faithful” Jehovah's Witnesses to this day:

    "2. That, as a means for our protection, we will meet this latest move of the enemy with
    "(a) Increased activity and interest in the Lord's service, especially in the new 'strange work' just beginning and also the studies in The Watchtower and other publications of the Society.
    "(b) That we will destroy without reading any such literature received through the mail or otherwise.
    "(c) That we will turn a deaf ear to any, either among us or outside, who manifests a desire to debate or argue respecting this course of action.
    "3. That * we acknowledge as the visible organization of Jehovah on earth the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, and recognize the Society as the channel or instrument through which Jehovah and Christ Jesus give instruction and meat in due season to the household of faith.
    "4. Further, that we pledge our faith in and loyalty to the Society, and its servants, Brother Rutherford at Brooklyn, and also the branch servant, Brother Chapman at Toronto; that we are pleased and thankful for his appointment in charge of the Lord's work in our midst.” The Watchtower June 1937, page 175.

    We all naturally understand that in a free and thinking society it is necessary to: “destroy without reading” anything critical of the Watchtower Society. That is the only way Jehovah's Witnesses maintain their “truth”. Information and facts are mortal enemies of the Watchtower “truth”, as we get so many excellent demonstrations of whenever we encounter a “faithful” Jehovah's Witnesses apologist. Many of us have observed that the “faithful and loyal” Jehovah's Witnesses: “will turn a deaf ear to any, either among us or outside, who manifests a desire to debate or argue..”

    The Watchtower Society has come a long way since Rutherford. Not that it has changed for the better, but it is far more sophisticated. It would never write an article branding Raymond Franz by the name, “Achan”, thus advertising his books. The “resolutions” passed in today’s assemblies isn’t quite that obviously boot licking as they were in Rutherford’s days. I think that even the most die hard loyalist Witness would choke a bit on this: “Further, that we pledge our faith in and loyalty to the Society, and its servants, Brother Rutherford at Brooklyn, and also the branch servant, Brother Chapman at Toronto; that we are pleased and thankful for his appointment in charge of the Lord's work in our midst.”

    But of course there doesn’t seem to be any limit to what the Theocratic obedience training can accomplish with the truly brain dead. Rutherford’s interpretation of the Jericho story is of course not receiving much attention in today’s Watchtower literature, although there are some people today who actually remember this insane drivel. One such person was actually stupid enough to mention it in the Watchtower, March 1. 1998, page 21:

    *** w98 3/1 21 Grateful for a Strong Christian Heritage ***
    Father insisted that every Saturday evening our whole family share together in a Bible study. Our study centered on the Bible subject in The Watchtower scheduled for discussion the following day. Illustrating the impact these studies had, to this day the account about Joshua and the siege of the city of Ai discussed in The Watchtower of May 1, 1939, is still vivid in my mind. I was so intrigued by that account that I checked all the references to it in my own Bible. I found such research fascinating—and still do.

    And as with all the other insane blunders of the Watchtower Society it was of course “meat in due season”. What a mess! Apparently it didn’t bother Gwen Gooch much that the article she referred to and “checked all the references” to, was pure drivel as at least now should be quite obvious, even to her.

    Another interesting piece of information about the Salter incident can be found in a Yearbook:

    *** yb86 202 Nigeria ***
    In 1939 S. A. Adediji, who was then working in the branch office, received an article that argued that the Lord Jesus Christ was not present. A covering letter pretended that it came from the Society’s headquarters and instructed that it be read in the various congregations at a stated time. Brother Brown was temporarily away. Adediji knew that the article had come from a Canadian apostate named Salter. He knew that The Watchtower of June 1, 1937, had reported that Salter had been disfellowshipped, and that it had been resolved to “destroy without reading any such literature received through the mail or otherwise.” Yet he sent out instructions that copies of the article should be read and discussed at one of the meetings of each congregation in Nigeria. Much harm resulted in a number of congregations as a result of this. In time, the tendency that Adediji there manifested caused him to withdraw from the organization, and he went back to being an Anglican clergyman.

    No doubt Rutherford had a lot of reason to be upset about Salter. Reading Salters letter to Rutherford of course reveal that the information he presented must have been extremely interesting to every Jehovah's Witnesses at the time. None of us modern “apostates” have reached such repute that we have been personally honored with our own prophecy fulfillment. These days the Watchtower restrict itself to ordering every loyal Jehovah's Witness to hate us all and an occasional invitation to a banquet, not as guest mind you, but as “the main course”.


    P.S. So to all of you "doubters" out there who don't think that the Salter letter is genuine, you have now got the proof from the Watchtower itself that such a letter was indeed written and that the points it raised really hit a "nerve" as can be seen from the strong reactions and the enormeous damage control operation that was launched.

  • Undecided

    Hi Farkel,

    It really doesn't matter if the letter is real or not, it still exposes the way the Society operates, even today.

    Ken P.

  • Norm

    More Salter material

    Looking at the Watchtower literature from 1937 and 1939 it becomes quite clear that Salter’s information about Rutherford really had hit a nerve. Particularly in 1937 there was a lot of damage control to do. I have so far looked at one such in the Watchtower of May 15. 1937 and it is very interesting. Apparently Salter had through a contact in Brooklyn sent out a letter to most of the ”companies” (congregations) in Canada on official Watchtower paper. The Watchtower article thus starts with the following:

    Re Salter’s letter: The following telegram was: sent from this Office on, Saturday morning to each large company in Canada:
    “Salter's letter and instruction not from Society. . . Fraudulent, Ignore it.”
    The Watchtower, May 15. 1937, page 159.

    After this follows a report from a meeting held in the Toronto Company about Salter.
    It is interesting to note that in those days they involved the whole congregation is such séances and that they were much more unsophisticated and less secretive about everything. The treatment this matter got during this meeting gives a very good insight in the old Watchtower tradition of not having any interest whatsoever in facts and truth. Salter wasn’t present and no one was really allowed to speak for him. A friend of Salter A. F. Cameron told those present that he had read the letter and that they should deal with the points it raised. In typical Watchtower tradition this was rejected and in the same tradition Cameron was subjected to a vicious personal attack. The points Salter raised in his letter to Rutherford would be impossible to deal with because it showed President Rutherford as he really was.
    As always the only thing interesting was blind loyalty to the “organization”. Anyway read for yourself:

    “April 12, 1937
    On Saturday evening a meeting was arranged and the following were present: The servant of companies, his assistant, Brother Sinclair a faithful brother who has been long associated with the Toronto company and myself. It was decided that the following afternoon at the time of the assembly of ail the units for service discussion, a motion be introduced to disfellowship W. F. Salter from the Toronto company.
    Sunday afternoon at the service meeting I was in the chair, and toward the end of the meeting the position was laid before the brethren of whom there would be between 300 and 400 assembled The envelope with the Society 's address and, the printed letter to yourself from Salter were displayed, and the covering unsigned instructions were read to the company so that the brethren should realize the wickedness of those who were responsible for this, action. Many of the elder, brethren expressed their disgust at such an action. Brother Sinclair then came forward and read to the church the matter prepared. A copy of this is enclosed.
    Someone in the hall then raised the question whether Brother Salter was present, and the chairman stated that if he were he would be able to hear for himself what was being said, and if he were not, he would be notified.
    A. G. Cameron, former company servant and friend of Salter, raised his voice in favor of the latter, stating amongst his remarks, “I know the article in question; I have read it, and read it carefully. It is true that Brother Salter has challenged Brother Rutheford to answer it point by point, and I now challenge you, Brother Chapman, to answer it point by point and deal with it faithfully, because I firmly believe that the church has arrived at the crossroads. Up to this day we have all followed men, blind leaders of the blind and all making to the ditch. It cannot be denied that as an organization we have been mistaken in the past many times, and it cannot be denied that we are mistaken now:” To this the answer was given from the chair: “l am glad you have shown yourself at last Brother Cameron. It has taken you twelve months to show yourself in your true colors.” The whole company evidenced their agreement by an unusual outburst 'of clapping.
    Pointed remarks where then made by Brother Guest regarding Salter, showing that for at least three years he had not been in harmony with the organization. A sister in the rear of the hall (afterwards confirmed to be Salter’s former stenographer) asked if she might speak. It was ruled by the chairman, however that the brothers were capable of dealing with the matter. Other brothers then expressed themselves in no uncertain way regarding their attitude toward this scheme to hurt the Lord's people. Cameron endeavored to hold the floor again no doubt trying to regain something he had lost. The time was getting on and there had been ample discussions to clearly show what was the mind of the church on the motion, and therefore the chairman did not give permission for him to speak further. Cameron shouted out several times and refused to recognize the ruling of the chair. The company was then appealed to by the chairman as to whether they wanted to hear Cameron or not, and they replied with a great shout “No”
    Brother Sinclair was then called upon to again read and move the resolution. It was seconded, and the whole church were in favor, with the exception of three, dissenting votes. These were Cameron, his daughter and G. Richardson. The meeting then closed. This morning the servant of companies is sending a copy of the resolution passed by the church to W. F. Salter by registered mail, so that we will be sure he receives it.” The Watchtower May 15. 1937, page 159.

    As we can see Cameron was no doubt a decent and courageous man and genuinely disturbed by the horrible injustice, but he was like so many before and after him, very naive. It is also almost amusingly predictable the way they mention the woman in the back of the hall, who wanted to speak, but of course, first of all she was a woman, and the later confirmed fact that she had once been Salter’s stenographer automatically robbed her of all credibility anyway. We should all fall down on our knees and be grateful that the “worldly” courts don’t operate this way.

    Then follows a copy of the resolution accepted by the Toronto Company:

    Almost a year ago the Society's president, Brother Rutherford saw fit to remove from office one to whom for years had looked with confidence for leadership in the Lord’s work here in Toronto. At the time, and subsequently through The Watchtower and Year Book for 1937, the principles underlying this course of action and the reason for it were expressed. At the time that the change of servant took effect many in our midst looked for some word from the brother discharged to indicate sorrow, repentance or reformation in his attitude toward the Society and brethren. Since that time, many others have patiently waited for some statement tending to clear the situation Many have wondered as to the course of action to take. Thus far, no public acknowledgment has been made. In the last month or two, Brother Rutherford has quietly made arrangements for the greatest and strangest campaign against the enemy organization that has ever been undertaken under the Lord's direction. On the eve of that campaign the Devil has seen fit to throw (as he thought) a bombshell into our midst, and we, as well as others, are in receipt of printed matter to be read among and disseminated among the brethren and purporting to be sent by the Society. Associated with this literature is the name of W. P. Salter. Needless to say, a serious consideration of this matter would, to say the least, lead to doubt and dissension among the brethren. I therefore move the following resolution:

    “That in view of the facts set forth above, we, the company Jehovah's Witnesses in Toronto and vicinity, failing to receive in the course of the next seven days, in writing, a clear statement of sorrow, repentance and reformation from the brother, do hereby disfellowship'' the one known as Brother W. F. Salter.” The Watchtower May 15. 1937, page 159.

    After this, the Watchtower prints some of the worst, boot licking, butt kissing and sucking up to, I have ever read in the English language. It is written by an apparently professional “nodder and yes-man”, P. Chapman who had been brought over from London to take over as manager in Canada, after Salter. Read for yourself:

    “April 16, 1937
    To hand this morning is a further letter published by Salter. It was forwarded by Brother Hersee, who is at present doing a little pioneer work in Port Huron. I am forwarding this to you immediately in case it has not yet been brought to your attention. This is the first one to come to our notice. I feel compelled to write a word to you that you may know of my love for you. It has been my privilege to work in the Society’s Office, for the last fourteen years, and during that time I have grown to truly love you because you magnify Jehovah’s name. Year after year your fearlessness in boldly facing all manners of opposition to publicly hold forth the Word of life, in exposing the Devil’s schemes and all forms of false worship in the church as well as out of it, in assisting Jehovah’s anointed and the people of good will, is complete testimony to your unselfish devotion to Jehovah, and that his favor, protection and blessing is with you in its fullness.
    Your love for the brethren has been demonstrated over and over again by considering their needs. This is true, not only concerning the pioneers, but also toward the Bethel family in London, with whom I was privileged to associate and serve for many years. Your stay at the Bethel home in London was always a joy to look forward to. We knew you had our interests at heart, and you never spared yourself to find ways and means to show your love for us, and make us happy in the Lord and in his service. This is without contradiction. It has been my experience to know you as an elder brother; yes and time and time again as a father and true counselor.
    Again I repeat that I love and respect you as the president of the Society, because Jehovah has honored you with his great service. I know from personal experience that you are true, just and full of love for Jehovah and his people, who are your brethren.
    The Bethel family also go on record as declaring their love for you, and that not out of hearsay, but out of close association with you. I am pleased to enclose with my own above declaration the one sent from the whole Bethel family.
    Your brother and servant in the Lord,
    P. Chapman
    The Watchtower May 15. 1937, page 159-60.

    After this we get some more nauseating boot licking worship of Rutherford. First from the Bethel family in Toronto, who really felt the need for a major CYA operation and went into grovel mode in no uncertain manner:

    Twelve months ago you saw fit to remove form office W. F. Salter, who had been reported to you as not being loyal to the organization, and now, after 12 months, he has clearly shown his hand as being against the Lord the Society and yourself. Therefore, we, the Bethel family at Toronto, make known the following:
    That for years W. F. Salter showed himself to be thoroughly selfish, egotistical, and had an undue sense of his own importance. He had not been loyal to you nor to the organization. From the platform and in private conversation, he would consistently try to undermine your influence in the minds if the friends, and impress them with his own ideas. Also that for years he questioned that which came from the Watch Tower, questioned the evidence of the Lord’s being at His temple, and endeavored to put doubts into the minds of the brethren as to Jehovah and Christ Jesus being our teachers. For this man now to pose as loving the Lord and his people clearly marks him as a hypocrite and a liar. Therefore we go on record that our full devotion is toward the Lord and the interests of his kingdom. Not only have we full confidence in the Lord that He is directing His organization and His work, but also that He has placed you in charge of the direction of the earthly affairs of His people.
    This family is now at unity, whole-hearted in Jehovah’s service, and now dwells in peace, and unanimously sends this statement to you.
    With our warm love to you, we are,
    Your Bethel family at Toronto.”
    The Watchtower May 15. 1937, page 160.

    Then followed a more “normal” declaration of loyalty from an assembly:

    “Thankful to Jehovah
    Dear Brother Rutherford
    Jehovah’s publishers at the Victoria (B.C.) assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses take this opportunity of publicly expressing to Jehovah our appreciation and thankfulness for the privilege of declaring his great name; carrying his message to the people of good will and exposing the wicked Roman Catholic Hierarchy and those allied with them. We wish to convey to you our expression of loyalty and faithfulness to the Society, the visible organization of Jehovah. We are thankful to Jehovah for The Watchtower, bringing to us the food convenient and the necessary instructions that we maintain our integrity. We are encouraged by our own loving zeal and courageous example in declaring Jehovah’s judgments and exposing every part of Satan’s wicked organization.” With confidence we look to the complete overthrow of Satan’s organization and the vindication of the great and glorious name of Jehovah. This resolution was adopted by all present.”
    The Watchtower May 15. 1937, page 160.

    As we can see, the whole thing was about loyalty to the organization. Like when Stalin was rooting out disloyal elements in the Soviet Union, people was falling over each other, competing in declaring themselves the most loyal, this was also the case in the Watchtower Society. Not a pretty sight. That anyone can ever think of this organization as having anything to do with God is beyond me.


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