my 10 year old son is paying attention at the meetings

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  • cofty
    Good lad!
  • pbrow

    That is awesome!! Especially because he felt like he could talk to you about it. Keep encouraging him to!

    Nice work.


  • JamesThomas

    So, you are saying that the speaker implied that animals don't communicate???

    What a painfully egomaniacal and tiny-minded statement that is. All nature, all animals, insects, fungus and plants communicate in some way. Everyday science is blown-away by discovering more of the communication that occurs. Even individual cells and bacteria communicate. Atoms communicate so that molecules can function as a coherent whole. Subatomic particles somehow pass information so that the atom remain stable. Hell, it seems that the entire universe is nothing but data and the transference and communication of that.

    The only void seems to be in that particular speakers brain; and fortunately your dear son caught-on.

  • user100

    yeah.. the speaker was saying only humans have language.. or something like that makes us different from animals.

    I wonder why if we are not animals we eat, shlt and fcuk like them.

  • JamesThomas
    Language, is only a tiny facet of communication within nature, but even still words (sounds) and gesture (sign language) are certainly not limited to humans. As far as I know apes, other mammals and birds use sounds and movements to communicate.

    The mind is a wondrous and powerful tool, yet its tenacity towards complexity, imagination and story-telling, often seems to place us in our own little bubble feeling as if we are cut-off from nature. Most of nature is not cursed by such a 'bubble' and is more open or one with the rest of life and so communicates in ways we know not of.

    This is a great opportunity to help open your dear son's mind by investigating with him into the many ways that we are discovering how nature communicates (something that could become a life's work with the end result probably offering far more questions than answers).

    An open and curious mind is not an environment in which JW BS can easily thrive.

    On another note, the speakers arrogance that gives rise to him trying so hard to separate himself from the rest of nature, is in my mind not far removed form the mind-set that allowed people to slaughter the native Americans as “Godless savages”. I find it deeply repugnant. We have infinitly more in-common with each-other and nature than not. If we spent our energies discovering what unites us and universe, then there would be no wars. But then Jehovah never stood for that did he. He was a divider and destroyer, not a uniter. How I ever actually believed in such a terrible creature, is beyond me.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    Didn't we read that a ass spoke and a snake.
  • thedepressedsoul

    You'd swear that 99% of these speakers just throw into their talk whatever sounds good and whatever fits their agenda. Incorrect information is stated all the time and facts are cherry picked.

    I have to say, when I give public talks I look out into the audience pretty hard. Maybe it's just me but I swear about 60% of the people have this look on their face like they know it's all complete crap. Again, it could just be me but I get this very strong sense and could point out ones that think it's bs. I'd be interested to know if I'm right.

  • BU2B
    Public talks are becoming the hardest part of the meetings to stomach. To add to the sickening propaganda found in every meeting, some speakers are just so dumb and ignorant, its like hearing nails on a chalkboard. Good to see your son is using critical thinking skills. That is the most vital skill to help a child to have. Good job!
  • SonoftheTrinity
    I am so proud that my eldest stepson has the dignity to selectively shut down when my wife begs the question and engages in logical fallacies during family bible interrogation. His precocity is subtle yet poignant.

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