2012 End of the World?

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  • Satanus
    I thought that was the joy of not being a Witness anymore. We could check out whatever we wanted. We have the freedom to look at beliefs around the whole world. Buddhist. Mayan, Muslim.

    Of course. But, don't fall in, for cripes sake. Actually, it's a good thing that you posted this here. All the criticism might make you check it out more, and not fully identify w it. How many other dates has the mass of humanity gone gaga over? The value of having beliefs is not that high.


  • Oroborus21

    its fun to think about...

    there is more than just the mayan calendar (and my age in my profile) ticking down to 12-21-12...Time Wave Zero and other things are all converging on that date...so far i have tallied at least a half dozen such convergences/coincidences...

    including that the Axis Mundi will be crossed, the sun will be at the mouth of the Oroborus, at the Galactic Central Point, on that date....

    if you want to read more


    makes for some interesting musing by anyone with a millenialist upbringing...


  • JeffT

    Saying the Mayan calendar ends in 2012 is a bit like saying that our calendar ends on December 31, therefore that is when the world will end. In fact the Mayan calendar, like other calendars starts over again.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Oroborus, that was fascinating stuff! Thanks for posting the link.

    Can't help wondering whether we'll have nuked ourselves to extinction before that date though...

  • Warlock
    Can't help wondering whether we'll have nuked ourselves to extinction before that date though...

    emo, that's kind of funny because the girl I work with is so tired of all the tension in the world that she finally said in frustation "Will someone please launch a nuke so we can get it over with!"


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Yeah Warlock - maybe that's what we need to clear the air a little.

    ummm, that doesn't sound quite right somehow does it?

  • Brother Apostate
    Brother Apostate


    That is a collection of very interesting coincidences in the article you linked to!

    Or is it?

    BA- Only time will tell

  • willyloman


    It's a little known fact that some of the steps of the Great Pyramid have eroded with time and this has skewed the whole timeline.
    Alas, if only we knew how many steps were missing! Ah, but it should only be a matter of weeks or months, not years.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    2012 when? april 20?

    if the end of the world comes on december 21 2012, then it will be the end of the world. if we cause it, then we caused it. if something other than us caused it, then we didn't!

    if humans decide to get their act together and change the world for the better between now and 2012 (a conscious shift in global populace from having to being), then it will be because we willed that outcome into existence with sheer tenacity.

    2012 has become such a "thing" unto itself, that humans should really wake up and take the opportunity to DO SOMETHING for ourselves, instead of waiting for some unseen force (whatever it may be) to come from the sky and makey all better for us. you know, turn 2012 into something even if it is nothing (in terms of supra-influence from the cosmos).

    some people are already working, regardless of what they think dec 21 2012 holds for them. and others sit on their fat narcissistic asses pining over gas prices. cie la vie!


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