The end is right around the corner

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  • Mariusuk.

    The corner is a corner of a circle, there will always appear to be a corner to them


    The man is an idiot!..The generation of 1914 got tossed in the garbage can with the "New Light" "Generation Change" in 1995..This Genious Elder leads people???..To what?..Endless mistakes the WBT$ likes to call "New Light"..Thats what...OUTLAW

  • Clam

    Watchtower 1997 January 1 p.1

    “In the early 1920’s, a featured public talk presented by Jehovah’s Witnesses was entitled “Millions Now Living Will Never Die.” This may have reflected overoptimism at that time. But today that statement can be made with full confidence.”

    So there!

  • OnTheWayOut

    I predict now, the following bold tactic of the WTS Governing Body-

    There will be more comparison of God's decision to limit Mankind's days to 120 years before the flood,
    according to Gen. 6:3. They will focus on the "possibility" that almost certainly, the same time-frame is
    involved since 1914. They will push for the belief that this limits us to the year 2034. They will only do
    this after their current "The end is imminently right around the NEXT corner" campaign. First, they will
    continue to suggest that it is extremely close, then as the rank & file get tired of the same-old story, they
    will switch to the huge 2034 campaign.

    Further, there will be a revival of the teaching that a creative day was 7000 years
    long. Adam was created 6000 years before 1975. He was 130 by the time Seth was born, so 6000 years of
    the sixth creative day must have ended within 130 years after 1975. ( A little less than that- as the sin in Eden had to
    take place, and Cain and Abel both had to be born- after the creative day ended. 130 plus 1975 is 2105. Take a few years out of that and
    they will be able to proclaim the end within this "twenty-first century." That campaign won't start until most of
    us are dead- sorry.

    I have decided to post all my bold predictions for WTS, as some of them might come true.
    With Fred Franz guiding the "new light" from beyond, I could be very right.

  • blondie

    for OTWO

    2034 was discussed about four years ago on JWD. Here is a summary from Free Minds:

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