My mother finally got her liver transplant...........

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  • WingCommander

    Yes, it has finally happened! After years of being on recipient lists, she finally got the call on Saturday evening that a liver was waiting for her. Of course we packed and drove the 5 hours to the medical center that would perform the operation. This medical center is one that specializes in live donor and bloodless surgeries. It took place on Sunday at 10:00 am, and was over by 2:30pm. All went fantastic, and she is doing great so far.

    A little history: She is a baptized JW since early 1980’s. She has Alpha-1, which leads to the deterioration of the enzyme that protects the lungs and liver, causing eventual emphysema in the lungs, and cirrhosis in the liver. She has the latter, causing her liver to look like someone who drank vodka every day for 30 years, even though she has never drank in her life. She only recently had to stop working due to her health.

    First, she had been in contact with a JW liaison guy (run by the Org) who specializes in working with JW’s to help them find and guide them through the bloodless surgery process and with the hospitals. This didn’t turn out so good when the JW on the other end asked, “Are you end stage?” My mom, “No, not yet, not for several years, but I’m looking into all of my options now before I get bad.” JW guy on phone, “Well, why are you calling me for, don’t you know there are people worse off then you that I need to help?” Click. No scriptural or emotional support, no nothing. Could you feel the love from that brother? That was her last attempt at going at this through the Society’s “proper channels”, and we went at things on our own from their own.

    Fast forward ahead about 2 years. I discuss with her what I have found on here. She buys COC and ISOCF before me. Fades. Fast forward about 3 more years till last weekend. She plainly tells them at the medical facility that she’ll take whatever blood components and fractions that are needed to save her life. Her reasoning? JW’s didn’t accept immunizations at one time, and now they do. They didn’t accept organ transplants, and now they do. They let hemophiliacs die before they accepted certain fractions, and now they do. They accept just about everything besides whole blood, and the future looks like they’ll be accepting everything. Why die now, for an ever changing policy that is misinterpreted to begin with that will more than likely be completely out of date in 10 years? I agree.

    Also, get this. While in the ICU and fully awake, we spoke to one of the RN’s about what type of blood fractions she had received, and also about JW’s. The nurse’s response floored us. She said and I quote, “Most JW’s that receive transplants here, about 98%, accept blood transfusions.” That truly is telling, isn’t it? I would bet that those 98% don’t run off and tell their local body of elders afterward, do they? No. This truly shows how MOST JW’s in life threatening positions respond to the society’s ever changing blood policy – with contempt and disregard for an outdated, illogical argument.

    Long story short, she has her new liver that she would have been DF’d and condemned for 25 years ago, as well as several fractions and plasma that was needed to save her life that will be fully acceptable (or are in some cases) in the next 10 years.

    Thanks for taking the time to read all of this…..I hope that it may be of some help to out there that may be in the same position. If anyone has any questions for me that are private, they can PM me.

    - Wing Commander

  • Rooster

    WingCommander, I am happy for you and your mother. Best wishes going your way from the Rooster..

  • jgnat

    I am so happy it went so well. I have goosebumps of happiness this morning.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Wing Commander, great news!

    Wishing you mum a full and speedy recovery.

    to the donor's family whoever they are too. Life is a noble gift.

  • Gayle

    Many best wishes to your mom and her recovery! So happy she was willing to re-evaluate the WT teachings. She is a WT "survivor!" that didn't let WT rules destroy her.

  • mrsjones5

    Wonderful! I'm happy for your mom and you.

  • juni

    That is wonderful news wingcommander!! It is good that you posted this for others who may be facing a similar situation now or perhaps in the future.

    I'm happy that your mom is a reasonable person and I hope she heals quickly so that she can get back to doing the things she enjoys!! So it was good that the "brother" was abrupt with her, otherwise she may never have considered the facts and came to her conclusion.


  • JWdaughter

    Awesome to read such happy news before 8am! My mom would refuse blood, but your mom's reasoning was perfect, and could well be persuasive. Blessings to her! And to the donor family. What a wonderful thing to do for another family! I'm smiling inside and out! Tell her I hope she quickly recovers and feels wonderful! Thanks for telling us.


  • iamfreenow

    I am happy it went well, Wing Commander

    I wish her a speedy recovery

  • hawkaw

    FWIW, WTS does allow banned donor red blood cells with donor transplants.

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