Counting/requesting time how is that based on the Bible?

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  • restrangled

    After reading Auld Soul's thread on babtism and the request for over year for any one to justify the WBTS' requirements based on scripture,...(with no answer), I started to wonder what are the requests for numbers from the WBTS based on.

    Did Christ request a certain amount of time every month for preaching to qualify for what he promised? Did he count those attending his sermons to justify what he was preaching? What about the so called "Pioneer" program? Did he lay down the amount of hours they needed to preach in order to get a special title? Did anyone have to attend a special school to preach in other lands and again get a special title? (Gilead)

    The whole operation flys in the face of what was required to be a follower of Christ.

    Please add your comments.


  • Zico

    So many man mad rules...

    He never said you had to attend 5 meetings a week either.

  • Lumptard

    It's not....way to "go beyond the things written" huh?

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    It's based on the bible in the sense that they are the holy spirit - not only are they the holy spirit but they are the messengers of the holy spirit and as such it seems good to them now if they count your time.

    It's all bible based - just depends on how you read the bible

  • Outaservice

    Hezekiah 12:4 ............" You must count your time serving the LORD"!


  • Gregor

    Remember the parable of the Widows Mite? The point was that the value of each ones sacrifice was based on the individuals circumstance. Reporting time and setting arbitrary goals of 10 hrs. a month always seemed out of sync with this common sense principle. I knew of sisters with unbelieving mates for whom 2 or 3 hours a month was a huge effort. We had an elders meeting with the CO and he told us that in that Sundays concluding remarks he was going to tell the congregation that if they were irregular pubs. for 6 mos. they really were NOT Jehovahs Witnesses. I objected strongly to this and wrote a letter to Brooklyn. He dropped that statement from out meeting and I had given a heads up to the area congs he visited after us. He never brought it up again to my knowledge.

  • restrangled


    Is that a new book of the bible deemed appropriate by the GB?


  • heathen

    Yah they do like to boast in their works , so they can rub it in the face of people they feel aren't doing enough.It'd be one thing if they used the information to justify giving assitance to those that take it seriously . I don't see how the system works since people on board admit cheating on the time card anyway . I would think that being a christian is a full time job anyway. The apostle Paul did like to keep track of where the preaching work was going but really so that people didn't cover the same territory .

  • restrangled


    I am not clear, so you did get a response for The FDS conserning this?

    It's all so bogus anyway, and in my mind just another indication this is not God's "chosen channel"

    IMHO God or Christ, will be reading hearts and that is the be all end all. I think alot of JW's are going to be in for a huge surprise in the end.

    As they judged they will be judged.


  • warmthofthesun

    They claim that it is so the Society can keep track of activity all around the globe, but if this were true, we could simply fill in anonymous time slips. No, for sure it is a "report card".

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