Can the JC be far behind?...

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  • 5go
    I have been ready with those lines ever since I saw the movie! I like to prepare little comments in advance and then just wait until I get to use them. Like the time I got in the work truck and tossed my .45 into the glove compartment....the wife says "are you expecting trouble?" and I was ready with..."of course not...if I was expecting trouble I would have brought my rifle."

    yeah I had a line if someone asked about my little black box in the trunk. I would say it's for emergencies. Hoping they would say "oh a first aid kit then ?" yeah you could say that what it is!

    It had a Taurus PT-92 af-d 9mm and a Llama Max-I .45 ACP with lot of ammo for both.

  • MinisterAmos

    Anyone seen the new DPMS AR-15 based .30-06?

    On Mercy, NOW we are talking!

    Pair that up with a side-arm in another 100 year old chambering and I'm ready to rid the world of tin cans for good!

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