God is Love! Is he?

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  • Marcel


    Sorry for my blasphemic title :D
    its not a fact - its a question.

    i would like to know the thoughts of you about this topic.
    Me, myself and i always wondered about that fact (im raised in the truth and i am still a jw somehow).
    (im discussing this in bible context in JW understanding only. which means arguments like "there is no god" may be right but dont fit in the discussion very well)

    okay, on one side we have:
    - he offered his son for our sins
    - he says that he is love
    - he created us
    - he gives us privileges like prayer

    on the other side we have:
    - he created us with the free of will, but forbid us to use it
    - its said he loves us more than human parents can love their kids - so which kind of *loving* parents would kill their kids for "minor" things (exception maybe mass-murder?! ;))
    - he killed people for things any loving human would have mercy for (2 Samuel 6:3-8)
    - what about kids and people who "dont know what they are doing" in armageddon and even in the past (nations that were destroyed by israel, flood)
    - why is it "luck" to die pre-armageddon? isnt it unrighteous to have a "second chance" only if you died pre-armageddon?
    - why is it hard to believe that jesus from the gospels who is exactly like god (who has seen me has seen the father) could fight the wars of the israelites, give the laws of the israelites and also for example kills achan AND HIS WHOLE family for stealing. (Joshua 7:22-26)

    sometimes it does not seems to be very merciful and loving. sometimes its like "kill'em all. shoot what moves.".
    i did no research on that topic now. all points are just out of my memory and JW biblestudies. im thankfull for any additions and/or corrections.

    TY for your opinion

  • RAF

    God (by essence is us - everything) so sure we have free will but still we have to agree
    Now each onces God (phylosphically talking) is what leads us ... and it have something to do with our aim in life (not sure I'm clear here but it's like, I don't feel to coment more, maybe someone will).

  • RAF

    errrr ... are you french? Because MARCEL is a very French name ...

  • Zico

    Marcel, I think you answered your own question.

  • Handsome Dan
    Handsome Dan

    Gods are a blend of human ignorance and imagination and this includes Jehovah

  • Handsome Dan
    Handsome Dan

    Since all religions are structured on human ignorance and understanding, the writings of the bible are a typical proof of that fact, the belief in gods was an element of strength and power

    for men and you might say it gave men a sense of security. If you read the bible in its whole you'll find that god was the most leading cause of death and destruction and could hardly be

    considered a god of love. You could say the bible is a history book of human ignorance and no its not the word of god, it was in written by imperfect men with the intent to spiritualize


  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    In addition to Dan's post, I've always noticed that the most unloving acts of God really stem from Man saying it's God's law. Not from God. For example, Disfellowshipping stems from the writings of Paul. As a matter of fact, most of the bullsh*t laws from religion stem from the writings of Paul. Disfellowshipping, Women keeping their place, and many others that I can't think of off the top of my head. It's easy to make up something and call it God's law. It's the fools that believe it blindly.

  • trevor


    If you try to weigh up the contradictory stories about God found in the Bible and make sense of it - you could go raving mad! Why not step out side of all and ponder on what RAF said:

    God (by essence is us - everything)

    You don’t need to make sense of a collection of contradictory statements in an ancient book to get in touch with reality.

  • DoubleVision

    Hi Marcel
    You touched on a very hard subject for me. I have always had a
    hard time with this. When I learned the “truth” I think I was willing to
    give God a benefit of a doubt. Twenty something years later I think
    I gave up. When I here of horrific things done to people it sickens
    I always viewed the world as though we where children playing in the
    park and Jehovah was the policeman sitting across the street in his
    patrol chariot just watching the goings on.
    As rapist, child molesters, wife beaters, and what ever else you can
    think of are wondering around the park terrorizing innocent people.

    They say wait on Jehovah, but all I can think of are scriptures like
    Ecclesiastes 8:11, Mathew 24:12.
    When I see the footage of the twin towers going down and the
    people running for there lives and jumping out of the buildings
    I get a sick feeling in my gut.
    I also think of Rev 12:12 and think how loving it is that Jehovah
    can cast such wonderful things down on the play ground. Especially
    when there is how many billions of planets he could of put them on.

    Why do we have to prove Jehovah right? Why can’t Jehovah prove
    himself right?

    Keep in mind that suffering has been going on for thousandssssss of years not
    just in the last few decades.

    Is Jehovah just imaginary comfort for our fears?


  • Abandoned

    You don’t need to make sense of a collection of contradictory statements in an ancient book to get in touch with reality.

    Here here! When do you feel more at peace with yourself and the world around you: reading about god destroying everyone buy eight people and a boatload of animals or watching a majestic sunset? The stories in the bible, like those in the watchtower, are carefully constructed to keep people in line.

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