Long long loooong WT paragraphs

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  • LongHairGal

    Lady Lee:

    I work for a very educated man who uses long paragraphs and run-on sentences. But, his are gramatically correct. There is a way to do it.

    Moggy Lover:

    I agree that those old books are obtuse and can put someone to sleep. But, they can't get away with that now. This is the age of illiteracy. Today, they have to make the books concise and easy to read or people will toss them. Education in this country has been watered down for several decades with the subject of English and grammar having taken the biggest brunt. The results are visible everywhere. Also, take into account that people simply do not have the TIME to pore over endless psycho-babble.


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    I keep coming back to what you posted and I think you are dead on. A lot of people will think this actually means something when really their minds are becoming numb. It is a mind control technique


    I agree with the illiteracy part. In university I had people asking me to read their term papers. Ther wer atrocious. Combine the education problem, TV with no reading required and the internet with lightening fast information, and people just won't bother to read it. An example of poor writing skills can easily be seen any where on the net.

    The Babylon book is sure to fry a lot of brain cells. And the sad thing is that people will think the problem is theirs and they are just not smart enough, or spiritual enough to understand it all

  • uriah

    I remember those interminable WT studies and they always went overtime. It was like the talks at the assemblies - dronesville arizona. I remember asking my mum 'Why are we here?' 'SHHHH' was the reply. Brothers would look sagely and say 'It was a very deep talk/WT/Study' I came to realise in later life that that was Theo-speak for ' I haven't a clue what he was talking about but as I am a mature/very spiritual/anointed brother I have to save face and this device allows me to do that - what's more as I have identified it as a "deep talk" brothers will assume that I know what it was about, but won't ask as they don't want to be thought of as 'Weak' or 'immature' so they will agree with me and we will exchange knowing glances and agree to keep schtum.'

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I used to call them Roll-A-Dex articles. It was like someone spun one of those old fashioned roll-a-dexes and picked out random sentences and phrases and then strung them together in a big, long, long article.

    BTW Lee, I think you're the best.


  • skeptic1914

    I too remember the loooong wt study articles. Even in the early 70's they could be 6-7 pages. But has anyone else noticed the tendency of the apostle Paul to use run-on sentences? Romans 9:22-24 comes to mind but I know there are others.


  • tijkmo

    I have edited a few books. I have proof-read a few books.

    I have written many articles in college and university. I would have lost a lot of points for run on sentences and paragraphs.

    Right now I am formatting an old WT booklet called World Conquest Soon by God’s Kingdom from 19 57. I have 1 paragraph that goes from page 23 - 31.

    ONE paragraph!

    I remember those really long run-on senteneces they used to write also.

    Equivalent to a college university? I think not

    o the irony

  • Dismembered

    Greetings LL

    Long long loooong WT paragraphs

    I'd say another one of watchtowers surreptitious machinations of torture. Remember too, that we had to stay conscious through all that malarkey. It's a wonder we survived. The first things I'd do whenever we were about to study the WT, was see how many paragraphs we had to suffer through


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    ah tijkmo you caught me. I can't type and it shows and too often I hit the post button before proofing my post


    Roll-A-Dex articles

    I had not heard than one before

    Lee who must read and proof read her typing before the typo police get me but doesn't use run on sentences because that would tire poeople out and they would forget what the original point of the sentence was all about and might click on close and go read something more interesting because who wants to work so hard to figure out what the writer really wants to say

  • stillajwexelder

    Listen to one of the greatest orators ever - Sir Winston Churchill. He kept his sentences short and sharp and did not waffle on. If one wants to get someone's attention with the written word, the writing style should be similar - short, sharp and pithy - bit like the book of Proverbs actually

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