Vote for the "most obscure one" on JWD :)

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  • onacruse

    Now, this is just for the fun of having a little "roast", eh? For example, Narkissos said:

    Lol. It seems I am really obscure, although I sincerely try not to be

    I submit that that denial itself automatically puts Nark near the top of the list of "obscure ones."


    (ps: since I started this thread, I am automatically immune from being categorized as "obscure"....not that anyone in their right mind would even suggest such a thing! LOLOL)

  • Narkissos

    Obscura per obscuriora?

    I must bow to masters like A Paduan or The Dragon...

  • kid-A

    I vote for a tie between Ross (little toe) and Nark. I have always envisioned them as a pair of Benedictine Monks having some "obscure" debate in Latin.....LOL...

  • Stephanus

    I've always found 5go to be a little obscure, but perhaps that's just his spelling and grammar.

  • restrangled

    My vote is for Coco, ...he responds to 2 threads and rarely to outside threads, but he has so much to offer.


  • juni

    Ross and Nark hands down. They are both very intellectual which I am not. I know there are others on this forum w/o a doubt, but these two come to mind right away.

    Nark is French and he has a better understanding of the English language then I have. And I always excelled in English.


  • onacruse

    Now, if we consider in the definition "obscure" the thought of "difficult to see/read," then Leolaia's 27,000-page size 4-font posts about the regnal period of Nabo-polassar and his possible family relationship to Ebed-melech would be suggestively "obscure."

    (---as I put on my 2.50-diopter reading glasses )

  • Badger

    I would say Leo is obscure because I can't get enough of her.

    Also, Aztec, because she doesn't post anymore. But I get to see her everynight, so I can't complain.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    Okay many of the people already named, I wouldn't consider obscure. Sure it may take me a couple thousand dictionary searches, and re-reading their material to really integrate whats being conveyed. But then thats an issue with me trying to grasp the concepts. By putting in some effort, I find that posters like Leolaia, Narkissos, and Ross are quite clear.

    I'm also voting for A Paduan . From what he posts sometimes you'd think he was a christianized sensei on ergot. <---------I said that in jest if you're reading this A Paduan.

  • 5go

    I vote for myself !

    Proof of concept !view post below that is ?

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