Any positive experiences with the JWs?

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  • JWdaughter

    Shirley F. was a sweetie before my mom got her involved with the JWs and she is just as sweet today. The only JW who greeted me like a friend since I left. She gave me a big hug in front of her JW Elder husband (who is a jerk)

    While I was a youth, I had a lot of fun with the other kids on our Sat night WT study-till spring of 1980 when after an elder was quite forthcoming about the 1975 article and his experiences, it was abruptly ended. Wonder who narked on him? We had fun for a year or so with that, skating or bowling on Sun nights.

    I always felt pride (ewww) when I aced the quizzes they had every few months. I am very positive about the fact that I learned a lot about rifleing through the Bible-as in, I could find scriptures easily for later when I really started in depth study using concordances and finding cross references when studying on certain subjects or researching how words were used. . .Never learned about context in my WT studies, but I had a general sense of how it was laid out. Esther M. was an awesome old lady. A real character who was a tough old broad. I loved her. I am sure she is gone now, but I adored her.

  • Core88

    I'll never forget allot that I grew up experiencing in teh org. very fond times the best in my life. Growing up had problems but nothing in comparison with my last few years on the "outside". There are many reasons for this and I more then every feel that they teach wrong stuff, however the "good times" I had growing up with loving parents and loving suppotive and funny older ones and younger ones alike will most likly never be replaced or toped again in this world. To all those not hearing my thoughts at this time because things have changed between us since those days; if we never talk again.. know that I love you. Forever. Corey

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    The most positive experience about the JWs is that they stay the hell away from me. Seriously.

  • uwishufish

    Jumped in the sack with several. This was always a good experience.

  • Junction-Guy

    There were some good people in the JW cult, I will admit. But my experience growing up a JW was very destructive to my emotional development. There were many times when I was growing up that I wished I wasnt born into this religion, many times I just wished I was never even born.------There are 25,000+members on this website, This makes reply number 14 for your topic, that alone speaks great volumes about the JW org. As far as Im concerned there are very few positives from the JW religion that I couldnt have received from many other religions.

  • greendawn

    As I see from your posts the overall picture is that there are usually some great individuals among the dubs but clearly the total experience is negative. Personally I can only recall that handful of worthwhile JWs in the local KH plus surrounding ones. The rest didn't really mean more to me as a JW than the so called worldly people.

  • tetrapod.sapien
    Any positive experiences with the JWs?

    leaving them was the best experience of my life. if i had been raised by secular parents i am not sure if would have had such an intense birthing/growing experience. then again, how can i really say?


  • hambeak

    Knew a lot of wonderful people and a lot of good times, learned how to overcome nasty folks thru the tm. How ever I learned of the loyalty to the org and the hatred and ignorance toward people who are not like them. Too bad. I resent the intolerance toward education and making a good living not wanting to be poor.

  • greendawn

    Tetra, I never realised until now that you had grown up as a JW kid with JW parents perhaps because you completely went over to the theory of evolution and believe in it so strongly. I was subconsciously thinking that no ex JW kid would ever do that. Hambeak, surely most household leaders in the higher bracket of income have university degrees. What's the point of being afflicted with a low income for the sake of a loveless organisation?

  • iamfreenow

    I made many, many friends in my years as a Witness, and I miss some of them terribly now at times. Of course, that is the conditional nature of any friendships cultivated in a cult, if you stop believing as they believe, they drop you immediately, however close you once were. They are taught to fear offending Jehovah so much that they feel they have no choice but to shun those who leave.

    I had a happy marriage as a Witness, and two fine sons, one of whom never became a JW, for which I am now thankful. Meeting Linda and Trevor was a positive experience as well, I don't know where I'd be without those two now.

    As for all the years spent hearing and believing the false doctrines of the Watchtower, I don't look back on them with any affection.

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