Could this cover-up be true ?

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    That's some story. Wonder if it's true.

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  • bluesapphire

    The journalist leaves much to be desired. This story was very difficult to understand and that alone will cause it to be dismissed by many.

    Fill in The Gaps

    1. What was the father accused of?

    2. What does the court case have to do with the JW judicial case?

    3. Was the mother a disfellowshipped witness since she was having a lesbian affair? If so, why would the elders bother to get involved in pressuring other JWs? And pressuring them to what exactly?

    4. Is the judge related to a JW somehow?

    I'm sure there are more but I'm too busy at work to think of them. Does anyone have any more info on this case?

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  • Threestars

    I just read the story myself and it made absolutely no sense to me.

  • Netty

    I thought the real JW's did not refer to themselves as the "Christian" congregation of Jehovah's Witnessess?

    I'm with you Blue Sapphire, I can't tell what this article is trying to be about. It is so poorly written, I got annoyed with it, and didn't finish reading it. Doesn't seem legit at all.

  • Elsewhere
    The journalist leaves much to be desired. This story was very difficult to understand and that alone will cause it to be dismissed by many.

    I agree... I just attempted to read the article and came away from it with little if any idea of what it is talking about.

    It almost seems like random phrases were crammed together to form "sentences" that made little sense.

  • blondie

    Friday, February 23, 2007
    Special Investigator Probes Possible MEDIA COURTHOUSE- Jehovah’s Witnesses, Abuse Scandal

    Special Investigator Probes Possible


    Jehovah’s Witnesses, Abuse Scandal

    by Van Stone, Baittank Downing, and Gerald McNeil

    [email protected]

    Philadelphia, PA, and MEDIA COURTHOUSE-He lost 4 family members, survived two wrongful imprisonment, survived several violations of his Constitutional Rights, and weighed barely 190 pounds when his mother tried to bail him out of George Hill Correctional Facility, formerly known as the Delaware County Prison, in 2004. Officer Coleman, a Special Investigator, involved within petitions and complaints of Community Family Issues, - a Public Watchdog group, is drawing on most recently reports of corruption within the intertwined Media Court House District Court Officials Bench and the West Philadelphia Jehovah‘s Witnesses Leaders Bench conducting abusiveness to its’ members.

    Coleman, a recent member of the Philadelphia Police Clergy, known for volunteering in the community to fight for justice for family victims (being their voice) is dedicating himself, with strong support, to tracking down 4 Delaware County Justices, 1 Court Master, 12 Jehovah‘s Witnesses (consisting of 10 JW's Elders, and 2 JW's female members), and 1 attorney. He is investigating their serious involvement in alleged discriminatory practices and illegal use of a Pennsylvania State Bench to wrongfully imprison minorities and violations of their Constitutional Rights, of particular children and their families, beginning in August 2002. In addition, involved with the allegations about these corrupt individuals, is a Home Evaluator, of the Ridley area, who has been practicing for years.

    Although Coleman trained as a Chester County Housing Police Officer, he was contacted by an anonymous lead person, a father who at this time does not want his name mentioned, to investigate ongoing misconduct at the Media Courthouse, in Media, Delaware County.

    "I am pursing this as a spiritual matter", says Coleman, "because it seems that the anonymous individuals attorneys have lost interest in this deeply serious matter. The victim is a devout religious father who I feel, as a ministering man of God myself, has come forward to help others". "About the accusations", Coleman said, "We are proud to take the case, no matter where it ends".

    According to Coleman, the father claims that thousands of Blacks are being wrongfully imprisoned by four District Court Judges, presiding in the Media Court House, Common Pleas Court, using the friendly guise of Violation of Protection of Abuse Orders, as a means to imprison Black males and other male minorities, because of their gender and race, sentencing them to six (6) months of jail time or more, at the George Hill Correctional Facility. " Screams can be heard from far below the courtroom", says the father. "Judges are conducting Roots operations", he said.

    "They are running an assembly line of Black men chained and shackled, from the courtroom, to the dark dingy jail cells, to George Hill Prison, where once you get there, you are charged to stay", the father said. The father claims that 45 men or more are thrown in a cell at the prison designed for ten. There is barely standing room in this cell while 45 men or more are forced by Correctional Officers to sleep on top of one another, even with their heads lying next to the toilet. "There is urine and human feces on the floor", the father said. These men are kept in holding there at Intake for 5 days, sometimes more. "Overcrowding a cell is illegal", says Coleman. Inmates are charged $10 a day while they remain there.

    Coleman claims that the victim(s) was first sent to a Prison in September 2004 as Docket No.? by the leader of the Group, Honorable Judge Barry C. Dozor. "There is a strange partnership between Dozor and Honorable Judge Toliver, Yeadon District Court", he says. It is also alleged by the victim(s) that Judge Dozor, known to refer to himself, and by others as "the god of Delaware County", according to several unnamed sources. Dozor connects with Honorable Judges Fitzpatrick and Coll who also are responsible for injustice against Black men in the Delaware County Courthouse.

    A Custody Order, dated October 20, 2003, by Master Florence Wright began the violation of the father’s and his children‘s Civil Rights when the father‘s 2 children, daughter Cheyenne, age 6 and son Samson age 2 were abruptly taken without any explanation to the father or the father’s representative. It was then when the Court underhandedly turned over the children to the abusive Defendant, mother Marcia Brown, along with the maternal aunt, Regina Wilson. Both women are active Jehovah’s Witnesses of West Philadelphia area. Brown‘s then same sex partner, Pauline Manos, a former attorney at Philadelphia Center City Law firm, Fieldman and Pinto, were partners in the gun violence crime.

    The Christian Congregation of Jehovah‘s Witnesses, located at 57th and Walnut Street and 43rd and Haverford Avenue, both in West Philly, became officially involved in February, 2004. The JW's Religious Order and several of its Philadelphia Congregation Leaders called Elders began witness intimidation tactics on all who might report Brown. A wife and mother carrying on a secret affair with attorney, companion Manos. Brown’s acts of gun violence threat, using a .357 Magnum gun and her abusive acts toward the dad, and their 2 children became suddenly exposed. In the Elder‘s effort to cover-up the ongoing embarrassment together they manipulated the congregation under the Church’s friendly guise of its Judicial Tribunal decisions called Disfellowshipping.

    "The father and several others were wrongfully Judged both in the JW's court and the MEDIA COURTHOUSE", Coleman claims. "JW's are notorious for being taken to Court about child sexual abuse. I‘m not surprised of the attempt to cover-up", he said. "The only thing that can help the dad and others now is the free press", Coleman said.

    Coleman says, "because of the serious nature of the matter, it being illegal to protest or boycott at any Court building, I am seeking the teamwork of Delaware County Senators and news media to help move this to justice". If the scandal breaks to a national level, Coleman wants others who love Philadelphia to help breaking the story. "Folks from Philly County that visit Media are being mistreated based on Delaware County creating the silly notion that, Philly is beneath Media", he said. "That is absolutely false", Coleman said.

    Meanwhile he says that he is planning to contact other reputable people for assistance like reporter for the Delaware County Times, Marlene Digiacomo, known for doing stories on the MEDIA COURTHOUSE, and also the Philadelphia NAACP head J. Whyatt Mondesire, - Mondesire is the publisher of the Philadelphia Sun.

    According to Coleman, as the investigation goes on smoothly, "names of the JW's Elders will be brought out in the Spotlight". He says, Aright now the Court Judges and the Master are the focal point that needs to be immediately addressed to try and get the Media District Court cleaned up, as I know we can. "I don't think that any just Justice in any County would appreciate a Judge bragging about themselves being a god in Delaware County", he said. Coleman also comments, "This Judge is obviously operating by instilling fear amongst his peers. We shall see how the Real God sees that!"

    Coleman feels the father was exonerated to return to society, but to Coleman, he is convinced that Judge Dozor intentionally attempted to prevent the dad and others from finding jobs. Also, he feels others have knowledge of the Delaware Courts abuse and JW's abuse. He wants anyone with special information about mistreatment at the MEDIA COURTHOUSE to contact him only at: [email protected]. "Any information that may be helpful will remain confidential", Coleman said.

  • Netty

    Barely 190 pounds?

  • JWdaughter

    While I have seen JWs refer to themselves as the christian cong. of JW's, this entire story seems questionable. If a journalist that had at least the credentials of lucidity had written it, it might be interesting. So far there isn't enough information to tell if there is anything interesting or not. Some sort of implied conspiracy involving black men, Jehovah's Witnesses, judges and lesbians? Oy! With all the real civil rights issues, it seems if it is a real case to be concerned with, they will get someone credible to report any story. I hope.

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