Were you a loud singer?

by HockeyMullet 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • ex-nj-jw

    I hated singing those boring song, once I got a beating because I made the mistake of standing next to my mother and was lip sinc (? spelling). Got the extension cord for that one after a 20 minute lecture.

    Why was singing loudly so important any way???


  • SacrificialLoon

    To show your zeal for the truth of course!

  • cab1000

    I went from a loud congo to a soft congo, without me making any changes, so I went from average to "meatloaf" in one meeting.

    It was really my favorite part of the meeting, especially the final song, cause that meant it was about over.

    We had one CO that just INSISTED on singing louder. At the end of his talks, at the end of the meeting, but before the last song, he would encourage everyone to sing real loud, and yes some of took his advise to the extreme.

  • mama1119

    I have the absolute WORST voice possible. It is terrible. So I mouthed words, I never sang aloud. They would have disfellowshipped me if I did.

    My daughter let me sing to her for a while, but she is 3 now, and tells me to stop singing. Thats why I had to have another baby, so someone would appreciate my singing.

  • Narkissos

    This reminds me of a funny experience.

    I used to sing -- not loud, but really, and mostly in tune. When I was df'd (1986) the Portuguese-speaking JWs in the KH I used to attend had just changed their songbooks and they didn't know the new songs at all -- so you would barely hear anything except the record. One night I came back to the hall with one friend of mine who had been df'd at the same time, just to see the people. Of course we couldn't speak with anyone, but we could sing and we knew the songs... so that night they had a nice apostate duo, to the embarrassment of the elders and the amusement of a few others...

  • free2think

    I used to lip-sync sometimes. But my dad used to sing SO loud. It was deafening. At conventions he used to compete with other loud ones. So I didin't really have to do anything, he sang for all of us.


  • Virgochik

    I used to lip sync and got warned about it alot. Mom would put her arm around me and pull me close so she could tell if I was singing. We would "share" a songbook, so loving and cozy. If I snickered, she'd dig her nails into my arm. I accidently dropped the songbook a lot.

    There was a sister named Millie who belted out the song in alto, to harmonize with the rest of the Hall. She was hard of hearing, and really caterwaulled proudly and loudly.

  • PaulJ

    No, well sometimes for a giggle! Sometimes I just mimed....

  • bernadette

    Always mimed cos I can't sing. It bcame such a joke in our family. . My husband used to sing loudly to cover for me. Bless

  • becca1

    I actually loved Kingdom Melodies. I'm shy about singing in public but I actually like to sing so I enjoyed the opportunity to sing at meetings. I am a soprano but my voice is soft so even if I "belted it out', I don't think you would have heard me if you were not right around me.

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