Dialog on the West Wing mentions JWs

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  • Esmeralda

    I'm half asleep and half watching the West Wing, the special episode about terrorism. Well the Josh Lyman character is stuck in a high school where he was giving a lecture, and he asks the kids to think and fill in the blank to this question:

    "Muslim extremists are to Islam what _______ are to Christianity."

    After a couple incorrect answers from the teenagers, one says,

    "Jehovah's Witnesses?"

    Josh responds something like, "No, Right Wing extremism might not be your cup of tea, but those people aren't blowing anything up."

    Finally he responded that the KKK was the answer to his fill in the blank, that the extremists have as much to do with Islam as KKK members have with Christian faith.

    Anyway, just thought that was interesting that of all the groups they could have named, they picked JW's.

    This is probably too boring to bother mentioning lol, not in my right mind tonight. on another MS downslide and off to bed. night all


    edited for correction: The group of students was apparently touring the white house, not at a school. My mistake. Told you I was alseep LOL

  • Gopher


    I heard that line too! This hour of "West Wing" (though a fictional re-creation of White House tension on 9/11) was one of the best dramatic and instructive hours I've ever seen on TV.

    And yes, Jehovah's Witnesses is "close, but not quite" the answer, but they are quite close to "extreme" on the continuum of Christian groups in people's minds. Apparently they're not universally known for being exactly 'tolerant' or reasonable.

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    Mark Twain (1835-1910)

  • Farkel

    I would have given the kid an A+ for his first answer! The number of innocent people killed by the KKK is far less than the number of innocent people killed by the WTS on insane policies with medical treatments over the years and even now. The KKK only hate a few groups of people, while the WTS hates everyone. The KKK doesn't piss off people who are sleeping in on Saturdays and Sundays, and they don't beg for contributions from door-to-door all over the world.

    Furthermore, some people actually LIKE the KKK.


    "When in doubt, duck!"

  • Pathofthorns

    Sounds like some of the writers might not be terribly fond of Witnesses. Maybe an 'ex' in the group? LOL


  • VeniceIT

    I was really Blown away with that comment, I laughed soooo hard. Hmmm wonder if Arron Sorkin's read any of this about the WTS and the UN hmmmmm, that could make for an interesting subplot don't ya think


    "WE will make NO distinction between those who commit the act of Pedophilia and those who harbor them!!!"

  • Trotafox

    I saw it and heard it. I darn near fell off the couch. God, I love West Wing.


  • Moxy

    i saw in WOL they were also chiding the show for some part that mentions ishamel and isaac and then another character dismisses it as 'millions of years ago.' what was that about?


  • Gopher


    A female White House aide was attempting to explain the origins of the historical conflict between the Jews and their mideastern neighbors. When Ishmael teased Isaac, though both were sons of Abraham, Sarah told Abraham "dismiss the boy (Ishmael) and his mom". And Ishmael & his mother were sent out into the wilderness.

    Thus, said the White House aide, began the rivalry between the Jews and their mideastern brothers.

    GopherWhy shouldn't truth be stranger than fiction? Fiction, after all, has to make sense.
    Mark Twain (1835-1910)

  • blondie

    I thought it was the President's wife that told that story played by Stockard Channing?

  • Eyebrow

    Yes...it was Channing....whom I will always call Rizzo.

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