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  • dedpoet

    This is my 1000th post, (light sabre required now), and as I've never told my story on this forum I though I'd do it now. As some of you may be aware, I write poetry, and some even think I'm talented, so I decided to write it down in verse. It's very much a work in progress, I haven't finished it yet, but here's part one:

    August 1991 - the lure

    Saturday morning, I answer the door
    To two guys I've never seen before
    But they are so happy to meet me, they say
    And isn't it a beautiful day
    I invite them in, offer them tea
    I ask what they're selling, they tell me it's free
    They open their Bibles, read a scripture or two
    And ask me for my point of view
    I hadn't read the Bible for many a day
    So I couldn't think of what to say
    They said they would be willing to help me learn
    And asked me if they could return
    Being curious, I readily agreed
    So they left me with a tract to read
    I read the tract, the ideas seemed strange
    It said the earth would undergo a change
    And soon all wars and crime would cease
    So everyone could live in peace
    How this would happen wasn't clear
    But I must admit, I was intrigued by the idea
    So I eagerly awaited their return
    For by then I was oh so anxious to learn
    Whether there would be a place for me
    When this wonderful future came to be
    They assured me that I could be there
    If I was just willing to let them share
    All the knowledge they had gained
    Of how this paradise could be obtained
    They told me all would soon be clear
    If my desire to learn was sincere
    But I needed to worship with them, they said
    For only at their Hall could I be spiritually fed
    With all that I would ever need
    So without much hesitation I agreed
    And went along to meet with them
    At their Kingdom Hall on Sunday, at 2pm
    Most of what happened I didn't understand
    But the welcome they gave me seemed so grand
    I accepted a study, the time was booked
    I was on my way to being hooked
    By a cult that would soon hold sway
    Over my heart and mind for many a day

    More to follow soon


  • truthsetsonefree

    Hey, that is clever. And much harder I'd imagine than just writing prose. Keep writing. We'll keep reading. Lets get those stories out there.


  • juni

    Very good dedpoet!! And congratulations becoming a Jedi!


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    Very good work Jedi dedpoet!!

    Looking forward to part 2

  • bernadette


    enjoyed your poem

  • dedpoet

    Here's the next part

    September 1991 - July 1992, Conversion, Dedication and Baptism

    I bought the book they told me to read
    To learn all of everything I'd ever need
    You Can Live Forever on a Paradise Earth
    That was the book, I never doubted its' worth
    For I knew I had so much to learn
    If my place in paradise I was to earn
    I knew it was the truth, I was on fire
    To serve Jehovah was my one desire
    My friends were driven to despair
    They said I was brainwashed, but I didn't care
    For I knew if I made Jehovah my friend
    Then my life would never end
    So I joined the ministry, and the school
    My friends insisted I was a fool
    But I knew that if they would only listen to me
    Then the truth I'd found would set them free
    My worldly friends soon left me alone
    As I gradually made the truth my own
    It wasn't long till I asked if I could
    Join Jehovah's worldwide brotherhood
    Soon my baptism date I knew
    It was July 25th 1992
    I could barely wait for that day to arrive
    I knew it would be the day I'd truly come alive
    As I stepped into the pool that day
    Little did I know I was throwing my life away
    For on that day I really knew
    I was doing what God wanted me to do
    I had no inkling way back then
    It wasn't God I was serving, but merely men

    Part 3 will follow later, thanks for reading


  • dedpoet

    Here's the third, and last, part for tonight. I could probably write more, the creative juices are flowing tonight,but it's almost midnight here in the UK, and I need to sleep at some point.

    August 1992 -September 1995-So many privileges!

    On the day of my baptism, my heart was full of joy
    I knew that my happiness nothing could destroy
    I was so zealous in service that in just over a year
    I had signed up to be a regular pioneer
    My waking hours were spent thinking of ways
    Of how I could give Jehovah more praise
    For rescuing me from my slavery to sin
    And giving me so much happiness within
    My worldly friends had all drifted away
    But for their salvation I would fervently pray
    For I wanted so much to make them aware
    Of the truth I'd found, so they could share
    In the wonderful promises that I had found
    Of the joyful times that were soon to abound
    For all those who would be Jehovah's friend
    When he brought this wicked world to an end
    In a few short years in the truth I began
    To show that I was a real company man
    As I continued to progress day after day
    Many privileges of service soon came my way
    By 1995, the elders were asking me to
    Be a Ministerial Servant, my appointment came through
    So now I was truly on my way
    And I would serve Jehovah every day
    For the rest of my life, as I knew I should
    Give him the very best that I could
    Oh how little I knew of what was really behind
    The religion that had taken my heart and my mind
    For by now their control of my life was complete
    It would be four more years till I saw through their deceit

    I hope you're not finding this too boring, I'm enjoying writing it, being a poet of sorts. Once again, thanks for reading, and goodnight for now. I hope to finish the rest of this tomorrow.


  • Confession

    Enjoying it, dedpoet. Keep it coming.

  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    It's like reading a good book that you can't put down!! Keep it coming.

  • dedpoet

    Here's part five, how I found out the truth about the lie

    September 1995-November 1999 - Cetainty, Doubt, Disillusionment, and Departure

    The next few years that followed were so very good for me
    I was so certain of my future, for the truth had set me free
    I drew closer to Jehovah, received blessings from above
    Nothing would ever be able to separate me from his love
    I was sure of my salvation, working side by side
    With all my brothers and sisters, all of us so full of pride
    That out of all the worlds' billions, we were among the few
    To be chosen by Jehovah for his work to do

    For this generation would by no means pass away
    Before our God Jehovah would bring about his great day
    Which was getting closer, and would not be delayed
    Then would come the paradise for which I constantly prayed
    Even when new light shone forth from the faithful slave
    I had no cause for doubt, for the promises they gave
    Would surely be fulfilled in a few short years
    And wipe away all my tears

    But as the years rolled by I began to feel
    That all I had believed in may not be for real
    My life was in turmoil as doubts began to grow
    Is this really the truth? I no longer know
    I still loved Jehovah, but my doubts were now real
    And I couldn't tell my brothers of how I was beginning to feel
    So I began to study as I never had before
    But everything I read seemed to make me doubt even more

    Crisis of Conscience, that was the book
    At which Witnesses of Jehovah must never even look
    But as I read through it, it opened up my eyes
    And I knew what I'd believed was not truth, but lies
    I didn't want to leave Jehovah, but knew that soon I must
    As each of the so-called promises had now turned into dust
    So in November 1999 at long last dawned the day
    That from the organisation I would finally walk away

    My brothers and my sisters all thought that I was rash
    But I knew the watchtower teachings were nothing more than trash
    The elders tried to help me, but by now it was too late
    All my love for the watchtower had now turned to hate
    Leaving was not easy, but I knew the decision I had made
    Was the only thing I could do, despite the price I paid
    I sufferred times of deep despair, and shed so many tears
    At the bitter memories of all those wasted years.

    I will put the next part up shortly, once again thanks for bearing with me on this, as it is a little long.


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