When life hands you lemons---

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  • Junction-Guy

    You make lemonade!! Folks that is what Im gonna do. I have talked this over with Mom and Darin, Amanda is next. I have already mentioned a little about what I plan to do. My ultimate goal is a book about my life growing up in the JW Cult, and the devastations it can heap upon a child. I also plan to start out on the Christian talk show circuits, and then maybe move on to various other venues. Im gonna get in touch with several high profile people, and work with them to get my story out to the public. Im gonna do alot of networking. Im gonna do alot of research.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Im gonna get in touch with quite a few people on here and get various opinions and aspects. One thing I want you to remember is that my experience is just that--my experience. You may or may not have experienced the things that I have, but I hope you will keep an open mind and not judge me too harshly.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------If this plan works, I will feel very succesful, if it fails, then I will at least have some peace and try to pick up my life and move on.---Im hoping this will open up some eyes in my family, and I believe it has the potential to rescue some of the "weaker" ones in my family from the WT Society's grip. ------------Im really gonna be praying heavily over this in the next few weeks and months, but I do realize it has the potential to completely sever me from my Elder Dad. My Dad hasnt called me in nearly 6 months, and basically hasnt been a very caring person towards me or Darin. I just cant go on any further in life until I speak my mind to my Dad and let him know how much his religion has twisted my life.----Now Im off to bigger and better things, I pray for peace, comfort, and wisdom on this journey Im about to embark on.------Dave

  • Do Not Call
    Do Not Call

    All the very best with your plans JG. A book sounds like a great idea, as it gets things off your chest and can help open others' eyes, too.
    I hope your dad doesn't shun you completely, but in reality that's usually what happens. Just do what you feel you have to in order to start healing.
    Take care!
    Love DNC xxx

  • Junction-Guy

    Thank you Do not Call, In one of my earlier posts a couple months ago I mentioned that I have always felt like a Bastard, because I never really had a Dad that cared about me, only his religion. If he totally shuns me, then Im already prepared for it.

  • Do Not Call
    Do Not Call

    It pays to be prepared. It still hurts like hell though, so just look after yourself, Ok? (I'm your age and both my parents shun me now.) We're here for you and we won't judge you. We're your forum family. (((JunctionGuy))) Love DNC XXX

  • Junction-Guy

    Thanks so much.--This wont be an overnight success, as it will take alot of time, but I have plenty of free time on my hands. All of those things will come in due time, but really we are looking at something that will take at least a year to put together, and that's not even counting the book making.

  • Mary

    Best of luck with this JG......yes, people's stories need to be told. You never know when a Witness will come across it and perhaps start them on their own road to freedom.

  • Junction-Guy

    Thanks Mary, I have lost the only woman I ever loved, and I miss her tremendously. I have nothing left to lose, so Im not going to hold back any more. Im gonna confront this head on. Watchtower Im coming after you,I wont be silenced any more. "Babylon the Great" is gonna humiliate you..

  • dedpoet

    Hi JG,

    Your ideas sound good to me, all the best with them. It will take time,
    but if it helps people, or even just one person to escape the clutches
    of the org, then it will be worthwhile all the effort.


  • DannyHaszard

    I always try to maintain a tactical advantage.Contracted brutal Ulcerative colitis at age 13 in 1970, symptoms 30+ bloody BM'a day around the clock 24/7 only cure is the disfiqurement of a colostomy bag which I now have.Made me a strong fighter watch out watchtower cult you promised new system in 1975 to cure me.

    The only thing worse than a teenage boy with the living hell of UC is a girl with it.~Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  • juni


    I wasn't raised in the JW religion. But my 4 kids were. The kids and I have had many long discussions about the harm the religion does to kids emotionally while growing to adulthood.

    I wish you the very best. If I can be of help to you in some small way please PM me.

    It saddens me to hear that you have lost your one true love Dave. There are others out there also that have suffered the same loss. I can only imagine the deep hurt.



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