The End of History, Not Armageddon

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  • metatron

    To the average Witness, any discord in the world inspires thoughts
    that Armageddon is near. Yet, there is a better explanation than
    this superficial, knee-jerk reaction.

    We are witnessing the End of History.

    Some years ago, a brilliant book was written called The End of
    History (Fukiyama, I think). It's thesis is that history is a record
    of conflict, war and battle. If you eliminate that conflict, you
    don't have much history to record. The book claims that historical
    struggles are coming to an end because humans are moving towards
    universal recognition that social democracy is the only moral,
    legitimate and effective form of government for humans. Add world
    trade and globalization, and national struggles evaporate.

    Communism, as an alternative, died out.
    We are now seeing desperate efforts of radical Islamic culture
    fighting to prevail while Western culture and technology leave them
    in the dust. All the West needs now is an inexpensive new source
    of energy and Islamic cultures will sink into permanent obscurity.
    Ask yourself if Libya or Saudia Arabia has agriculture (no),
    industry(no), mining (no), abundant water sources (no) or
    a trained technological populace (no). Take away the oil wealth
    and they will be forgotten.

    A new world is being born, indeed!
    For many, the greatest challenge will be living
    without the excitement of war - or tragedy

    But we still have a few years yet to go
    before we fully reach that state of being, as humans.

    metatron (may you live in interesting times)

  • Ephesians6

    The end of History? History will continue to be till Jesus returns for His Church. Armagedon? you are right about that. This trouble is only a small stepping stone leading to the real trouble yet to come. Gods three wows,more wars and the rumors of war. This terrible thing is a wake up call to the World, or at the least should be. Fear God and Live.

  • expatbrit

    Oh God, not another one!

  • Ephesians6

    Another one what?

  • expatbrit

    Another one SIR!

  • metatron

    Bible thumping looney



  • Farkel

    : A new world is being born, indeed!
    : For many, the greatest challenge will be living
    without the excitement of war - or tragedy

    In such a scenario, the Watchtower Society's message is toast, and the Society itself is screwed.


    "When in doubt, duck!"

  • Ephesians6

    Is this board about Bible topics? Are we as Humans all Religious be it Christian or Athiast?

  • comment

    I think such a view is too optimistic. It presumes The Triumph of Capitalism in more than one sense. Socialist philosophies will continue to present themselves in one form or another in most governments around the world--even if not in the United States. And other philosophies dissenting against the inequities imposed by globalization in its current form will also be a force to be reckoned with. Just because things are comfortable in North America and Western Europe doesn't mean we are on the threshold of the End of History. That was an outlook better suited to 1991 than 2001.


  • metatron

    What "capitalism"?? Social democracy is the order
    (or should I say NEW ORDER) of the day. The U.S.
    has Social Security, Welfare, and a government that
    regularily intervenes in the economy.

    I'm sure they'll be street scuffles about globalism-
    by protesters drinking Diet Coke and Starbucks coffee.
    But it will be extremely difficult to articulate any
    organized coherent opposition to the dominance of
    Western culture - except among the very poor and very
    isolated (like Afghans).

    As for the End of History, the author was being too
    conservative! Advances in medicine and anti-aging
    will accelerate the trend towards a boringly placid

    metatron (hey, you wanted Paradise, right?)

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