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  • Thinking of Leaving
    Thinking of Leaving

    aye gyul what you doing on here?

    congratulations K

  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
  • JBean

    Hi! Don't get to log on too often... so just reading through this now. MANY congratulations to you on a wonderful wedding! Just had to write to let you know that I was in the same situation... got married in 2005 to a FABULOUS guy! But was nervous at first to broach the wedding to my folks (LONG time JWs) (I've been fading like for-ever!!!)

    They did attend the wedding, had a BLAST, and now they just love their son-in-law! Amazing. I shouldn't have waited so long (many years we dated) prior to introducing him to them... but old habits die hard I guess. Jbean

  • anewme

    Congratulations Frequent Fader Miles!
    Im so happy for you and your husband! And your mom too! It doesnt always turn out so happy.
    Yes, many many happy celebrations await you now!

    I too left the borg late in life and found the man of my dreams! Too bad Mama didnt get to meet him!

    Best wishes to you both,


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