Whats the "rule" on shepherding calls?

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  • onacruse

    Since my last df'ing, I was called on once. It was not too long after I'd started posting on JWD. The two elders that came by were one that I vaguely knew (can't remember his name), and the other was Stan Shelton, a former Bethel roommate of mine.

    They were polite enough, until they tried to sweet-talk me into reconsidering my position. I informed them that I now knew a lot more about the WTS than ever before, and a lot more than even they knew, or were willing to admit.

    That pretty much ended the conversation. LOL

    The only other "shepherding" calls I get now are from my Mom .

    As for where we now live...heck, I helped build the KH just down the street, but never-ye-mind that! For that matter, a lot of my finish carpentry is still on display at the Woodburn Assembly Hall...I guess it doesn't matter that everyone who goes there now is looking at an "apostate's" workmanship. "Yes, those are very beautiful raised-panel oak columns...oh, by the way, did you know that an apostate built them?" (LOL even harder)

    The only other call by a JW that we've had in the last 2 1/2 years was a nice younger father, with his mid-teen daughter. But that wasn't a shepherding call, so I'll skip that one.

  • bonnzo

    they did not drop this rule, however, if one is actively against the witnesses, a known apostate, or has told them not to come by, they wont. some wont anyway. i know of one former elder who wouldn't anyway, but it was because he treated people like shit and couldn't bring himself to go offer them a way back in due to his pride. thank goodness he is no longer serving.

  • blondie

    The official WTS policy is the call on df'd JWs (and sometimes da'd but that is iffy), once a year after they have been out for one year.

    The CO checks the inactive publisher cards each visit and usually asks the elders if they have called on them. Most BOEs at least go through the motions about a month before his visit and the PO makes assignments or ask for elders to volunteer. Many elders make only one attempt; some doing what I have heard called a "drive by" where they look to see if their car is in the driveway and drive by if it isn't.

    The elders should be making calls on inactive JWs but rarely do....it follows that these same elders will take even less effort to call on df'd and da'd.

    Anyway, would "love" that is ordered by the WTS really be "love"?

    Blondie (bets on the fact that elders are apathetic and unloving)

  • ozziepost

    Well, Mrs Ozzie and I have never been called on and its been several (many?) years now. Not that I want them too but it again demonstrates their hypocrisy.

  • misguided

    I've been df'd since 2002. Not one person has stopped by since, not even to talk to my 6 kids. ( now 9, 13, 14, 16, 18, 19)

    Yup...the love!


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