Daddy wont answer the phone when i call him anymore :(

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  • Messy

    hi there

    i called my dad the other day crying and left a message saying DADDY i need u pick up i need you and right in the middle, CLICK my step mom (i m guessing) hung up on me. i also emailed him pretending to be my husband several times and he always answered before, im so scared for him . hes bi polar like my brother who died two years ago from suicide. im scared hes in the psych hospital with no one visiting... last time he was in the psych ward i was his only visitor.. then i was dfd and daddys little girl made the elders promiss to look after him since they took that privalege away from me. i found out a couple weeks ago he has nt been to a meeting or left his house in 2 years and NO ONE FROM THE CONGREGATION has come to see him. i need to find a way to get ahold of him, can anyone help me? ideas?????

    sad little (25 year old) girl.

  • J-ex-W


    Are you able to just go to his house yourself?

  • dedpoet


    Do you have any idea which hospital he might be in? Maybe
    you could call the hospitals in the area and ask if he;s a
    patient at any of them.

    Or, are you able to contact any of his neighbours, to see
    if he is at home or in hospital?

    I hope he is ok, and that you get some information
    very soon.

    Take care


  • Rooster

    Do you have a friend that lives near your father's home you can call to visit him? Call the fire department and they might check on him in there/their down time.

  • truthsearcher

    Hey Messy: What a terribly alarming situation you are in! You must feel so helplesss. If I might make a suggestion, I know that our pastor always takes a day to go visiting in the hospital, and if you were able to connect with a pastor in your Dad's hometown, maybe he would accept a visit from him?? I know that might be hard to accept if he is still a JW, but you never know if it could help...If this seems plausible, then PM me and I'll try and find a name for you to call.

    Or, could you call one of the congregation elders and ask them to please live up to their biblical mandate of visiting the sick...


  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?


  • Kudra

    The elders CANNOT "take away" your right to visit your sick father!!!!!!

    Find out where he is right now- calling hospitals, maybe explaining the situation to the police, as he might be emotionally endangered if there are no people visiting him... sounds like his wife is controlling him and HE would probably want to see you especially after he now sees that the elders and the congregation do not care.

    SOMEhow find out where he is and go visit him! The elders do not have any power over you if you do not let them!!


  • anewme

    Dear Messy, you must be so worried. Keep trying to contact him and let us know if you are successful.


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Messy,

    Welcome to the forum. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. If you live close, I would drive over there insisting on seeing him. Tell him you love him. It may be exactly what he needs to hear right now.


    Lady Liberty

  • Messy

    i decided to go public. thanks for all your suggestions, especially truthsearcher. i used your 'biblical mandate' in my letter. im sending it to everyone. as soon as i can i will post the letter here. thanks again friends. maybe you'll see me on the news one day!

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