My Bethel Experience Part 18

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  • juni

    After each new informative posting of Bethel life, I get shivers. Bethel: The House of Horrors


  • poppers

    Thanks for another riveting chapter about that house of horror.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    The 'brother' that studied with me died from a fall at Bethel - fall autumn of 1973. [Bad initial choice of words.]

    Jim wanted to go home - after about a year there - but his folks talked him into staying and the Doctor put him on meds of some sort. The story that floated here in the local cong was that he was perhaps taking pictures during lunch from the roof [he was a shutterbug] and fell due to dizziness from the meds.

    Later I talked to a former Bethelite who was in the building when Jim fell, and he said he thought it was suicide for sure.

    Funny thing was that they did not bring him home to bury him, and the family later stated that the "Brothers" took care of everything regarding the funeral. He was buried somewhere on Long Island. Maybe the form he signed made it cheaper to bury him there than to transport him back?

    God, I miss him yet, and I have never seen his grave.


  • metatron

    Does anyone remember a wild story (on the old H2O, I think)? Somebody named Raven claimed she was being harrassed because she

    had info about a (now) dead Bethelite who was propositioned for sex by a GB member? She claimed that the guy was buried in very strange

    circumstances by the Society. Your remarks reminded me of this.....


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Met - I recall some comments like that with the body being buried at Wakill I think.


  • new boy
    new boy

    To Confusa

    Yes.....It was Dennis Carlson (real name) who was murdered at the KH

    To Vm44

    As you probably know I didn't care much for "brother" Dixion.....Was he a good doctor or not, who knows?..........he was a surgeon........with almost no bedside manner.Had a better apartment then even Knorr and live like a king.

    Has for his letter about ear muffs my went something like this.

    Doc?.............this is MAX over at the factory.........I got a problem with guys wearing ear muffs in the pressroom!...........How is that a problem?..........Well, if some of the guys have them the tours think there could be something wrong with the noise.........So I need you to generate a letter with your "good" name on it saying its not that great of an idea...............Thanks.......I'll look for the mail.....Oh by the way could you use another case of "Fine Spanish Brady?"

  • BabaYaga

    New Boy... thank you thank you thank you for this series... it is the bomb. I don't always comment but I am one of your many fan-club readers.

    Why on EARTH do they keep the bodies? What the heck? Is it because it is quicker and cheaper to cremate than to ship? Good heavens, I am just floored and absolutely creeped out.

    That bit about the headphones is damned criminal... but then again, what isn't, in that terrifyingly controlling place...

    Enthralled Baba.

  • Dino

    Great series new boy!

    I have read each installment with intense interest.

    A good friend of mine had a severe accident at Walkill on a belt sander where it ripped the skin off of his palm completely. Youchh!

    It was a serious accident that required an immediate skin graft. Well guess what, they trucked him down in extreme pain all the way down to the Brooklyn infirmary (passed about 68 hospitals on the way).

    According to him they ended up grafting skin off of his buttocks to his palm. He also happened to be a quite hirsute (hairy) fellow. He took alot of ribbing about having a hairy palm for a little while! We know what you been doin'!

    They treat their hard workers like cattle and we all really appreciate how you have shed light on the "House of God".


  • 5go

    I think you should turn this into a book.

    House of Jehovah, House of Truth and the brutal reality of IT !

  • new boy
    new boy

    To Shadow

    I was not at Bethel at the time of "The Margaret Hotel" fire...........Thank you for your post.

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