In New York this Saturday.....

by rassillon 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • rassillon

    Just wondering if anyone wanted to say hi and maybe get some coffee, a beer, or dinner.

    I am going to go visit my brother who is working there for a few weeks, i will arrive on saturday.

    He is working at night so saturday night I might be free.

    I am pretty fun and wouldn't mind meeting some of you evil apostates, lol.

    I think he is staying offically in New Jersey if that makes a diff.

    PM me if you are interested.

    Oh, by the way I am really really ugly. ;)

  • betterdaze

    Hi rassillon from Texas, I'm in northern NJ, not far from Manhattan.

    Where are you arriving? Where in NJ is your brother staying?


  • thecarpenter

    Hey Rassillon, your timimg is perfect! We are going to be having a ex-jw meetup in Midtown Manhattan at 6:30. There will be at least 3 people from this forum there. At our last meetup, we had 11 people show up. Let me know if you are interested, you too betterdaze (we met at the last mini-apostafest in NJ five months ago)

  • becca1

    Go see "Spamalot", if you can get tickets!

  • AudeSapere

    Some days I wish I was still living in NJ...

    That was a fun night.


  • truthsetsonefree

    I'll be at the meetup and can meet you there if you can make it. Ugly or not, you're welcome.


  • rassillon

    I am getting in just after midnight, my brother is picking me up.

    I think I will be staying close to a naval yard? Can't remember exactly what my brother said.

    It is somewhere close to where they have a large turbine, he is an engineer who works on those.

    thecarpenter, I think I will make it, it would be nice to meet a couple of people face to face.

    tsof, hope to see you there.

  • truthsetsonefree

    Ras you have a PM.

  • lonelysheep

    I can't make it into the city this weekend! Crap.

    I'll pm you because being in NJ might make a difference.

    That was a fun night.

    Yes, yes it was!

  • truthsetsonefree

    Hey, I had a great time guys and gals. tsof

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