Born Againers and that Small Voice

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  • timetochange


    I've never heard of anyone hearing it who doesn't believe that Jesus is God.

    Interesting, I'd like understand why that is? Ed.

  • Cellist

    Narkissos, I think you must be bringing up an uncomfortable point. Nobody seems to want to comment on it.


  • JamesThomas

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  • Perry

    In my personal opinion, I do not believe that belief that Jesus is also divine is necessary to "hear" the Spirit. I do not even believe that coming to Jesus is necessary to "be moved by the Spirit". I also, firmly believe that God answers many prayers of non-believers as well through "Common Grace".

    The regeneration is a deposit of the Holy Spirit in a permanent way based on the believers inheritance "rights" as a son. The believer is permanently given a new spirit. I didn't personally totally believe the Trinity when I exchanged my life for Christ. However, I did later receive a word from the Lord directly to my spirit that this was so. I can only attribute 3 or 4 instances when the Lord "spoke" directly to my spirit. I cherish those times as really special. Most of the time it is through the Word with the Spirit as a witness to truth.

    Should you hear of one, wouldn't you dismiss it as "psychological" or "demonic"


    Not at all for me. If it doesn't line up with the Word though, then there is no second witness and that increases its suspicion.

  • Outaservice

    The 'Trinity' doctrine is very hard to put into words and may not even seem logical in human understanding. But, the 'still small voice' can verify if it is true or not and Holy Spirit can teach you how it possible to understand the nature of God.

    I personally do not think a person has to understand or accept the Trinity to hear that 'small voice'. My opinion.


  • Honesty
    Should you hear of one, wouldn't you dismiss it as "psychological" or "demonic" (in the derogative Christian sense)? Nark


    I've just never heard of it, that's all.

    Do I believe that a person has to believe that Jesus is God to be saved?


    I was saved when I didn't believe He is God.

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