Will the change to the Watchtower be followed by a change to the meetings?

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  • Warlock

    If they would just give us the food back for the assemblies, I might go to one, because they ARE NOT going to eliminate or adjust the 5 meeting setup.


  • opr83

    Someone on this thread mentioned "only the pioneers" will report FS in the future. I've ranted about reporting "time" for several years. There is no scriptural justification for reporting FS. Yes, there are "business" reasons for it, but I know of no other reasons. We use the FSR as some sort of measurement, no matter how you look at it, and it is wrong. If they really want a count, let them count each meeting for FS and report how many went out each week.

  • owenfieldreams

    The consolidation of the bookstudy arrangement with sat. morning service, at least in the USA, would probably bring a net benefit to the org, but i don't look for it ever to happen. Having regular meetings throughout the week that the r/f are required to attend is one way to hold sway over everyone in the congregation.

  • jayhawk1

    I can't imagine a Saturday morning bookstudy working. Locally, the Kingdom Hall has tried and failed repeatedly to sustain a Saturday morning bookstudy. The second problem is with Kingdom Halls with more than one congregation in it. The Saturday morning bookstudy would become a Saturday afternoon bookstudy and the brothers secretly complain now about when it is their turn to have Sunday afternoon.

    Everybody likes their weekends, including JWs.

  • luna2

    Compulsory Saturday bookstudy/field service could be problematic. I can see lopping time off of the weeknight TMS and Service Meeting to make it more managable. They can claim that they are doing it for the kids (not that it bothered them for the generations that couldn't get their homework done and didn't get to bed until 10p.m. in the past ). It sounds good, and the dubs will be so grateful for an extra half an hour, they'll sing the WTS's praises.

    Then they can move to shorten the DA to just two days. We all lead such busy lives, the work climate of today is such that its difficult for our brothers and sisters to get extra time off, it will cut costs (though not really. They'll just jack up the figures so they get the same $$ they always have), blah, blah, blah. Again the JWs will be so delighted at the reduction that they'll take it as evidence of great progress. OMG! With all the changes, this could be the last year before Armageddon!!! lol

  • winnie

    Have I missed something? Could someone tell me what this change to the Watchtower is?

  • blondie

    I don't see much changing with regard to the number of meetings and the length. The last real change was when the PT was reduced to 45 minutes, 15 minutes for 3 songs and 2 prayers, and 60 minutes for the WT study. A similar minor reduction in time was done with the school and service meeting (15 minutes). But there was still 5 meetings each week.

    While there is no longer a 10 hour quota for publishers (the source of the "national average" by which the "spiritual" status of JWs is measured), still 1 hour is required of healthy people to be "active." While the hours have been reduced to 50 for aux pios and 70 for reg pios, everyone still has to turn in a time slip and be monitored as the "spiritual" status.

    The WTS uses meeting attendance and hours turned in as a measure of "spiritual" status and control. I don't see them letting up on that control.

    And that is really the name of the game, control.


  • willyloman
    The WTS uses meeting attendance and hours turned in as a measure of "spiritual" status and control. I don't see them letting up on that control.

    Exactly. The primary Watchtower doctine is that spirituality is measurable, so stick with us and we'll measure it for you!

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