My Bethel Experience Part 14

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  • greendawn

    So New Boy since you were around the JWs for so long when did they begin to shun the DFed and DAed members? And how did they treat them before that shunning stage? The new light concept is non sense for the mere fact that we don't have a light getting brighter but extinguished and replaced by a totally new light. The new concept does not reinforce or further develop the old but contradicts and negates it. Can't talk about the old light still being there, it turned out to be a lie embraced by the dubs for, often, a long time.

  • new boy
    new boy

    To green dawn

    I don't know how long they have been shunning people. Maybe others here can shed some "light" on that subject.I can tell you that their familys are also affected too.........I was treat like shit becacuse my father was DFed in 1962, for believe it or not not going to the Kingdom Hall he was assigned to........My Kids were treated badly when I left also...............


  • SirNose586

    So sad that your ex-wife's father committed suicide. And once again, the Org succeeds in ruining another person...

    One more to go!

  • hillary_step

    new boy,

    Many thanks for your entertaining series!

    The vaccillating attitude toward 'disfellowshipping' was due to the introduction of a more lenient viewpoint ( and more Scriptual ) by Raymond Franz, and then the pendulum swinging against him when he was ostracized.

    It seems to me that at that time the WTS passed over the boundaries from theological lunacy into the territory of spiteful cruelty, just to prove a point. It is a commonly seen reaction in the behavior of small men who are large dicators in the world of politics. IL Duce jutting forth his chin did not stop him dressing as a women in order to try to escape his destiny. We may yet see Jaracz in a glittering buttercup colored tu-tu.

    Any chuckling memories that long-timers like ourselves may have had of those days have been forever tainted with the corporate sociopathy that has identified the WTS the past few decades.


  • Balsam

    I remember when the disfellowshipping rule about talking to them was changed allowing it, then them reversing it. My ex-husband who is still a JW swore it was all in my imagination when I bought it up in 2000, in fact he called me a nut case. Funny thing was he was an elder back then. I reminded him of how I as allowed to talk to my disf'ed bible study and the dumb man still denied it. Thanks for confirming that memorie and how the stupid light went off and on like a flash light.

  • new boy
    new boy

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