I could use some computer help..........please.

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  • ButtLight

    Believe me, I almost threw this thing against the wall a few times.......with this prob, and all the trojan horses I had yesterday!

    help me understand what you what to do and why and maybe i can help you do it or find a better way to accopmlish the task.

    The reason I want it on my hard drive, Is because Im ghost hunting in my basement..........lmao, and I want to be able to upload the video for people to see.

    Still wanna help lol

  • zev


    open nero smart start.

    click on the dvd tab, upper right.

    click on photo and video.

    see if you have "convert dvd video movies to nero digital."

    if you don't .... your kinda screwed. have to find a program (like the full blown version of nero) that can re-encode video.

    if you do open it up and see what you can do.

    let me know if its there, i can try to walk you through that.

  • ButtLight

    ok, wish me luck, i got my laptop back, with the new version of nero...........i have no clue what im doing but here I go

  • ButtLight

    Oh this is so annoying,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I had to redownload everything. but besides that..........

    Trying to find a way to make the file extentions from vob. or bup. to a correct format is rediculous..... I found one, and uploaded a very short clip, under 2 min to youtube, still waiting a half hour later for it to show.....

    if it does, I will post it, but it doesnt show the activity i would like you to see! Just one orb ( or one dust particle for ya non believers) Oh well I will get there sooner or later!

    The program I downloaded is only a trial version, very easy to use! But im half in the bag, cant remember the name of it! lmao

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