What's the worst/scariest 'dream' you have ever had....

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  • MsMcDucket

    Just the other day I had a dream that someone was killing me with drugs. They had managed to slip the drug on me without me knowing it. They had used an old friend to earn my confidence in their company. After they had drugged me, they were able to take me to a place that I wasn't familiar with. I was unable to recall who I was. I didn't know who my family was. I had to depend on them. Somehow I manage to get free and get to a hospital, but the people that drugged me were all around. I was petrified to say anything. It was like I was in a nursing home or psych unit. To make it worse, none of these people spoke my language. I awoke with a big headache. I've been having a lot of headaches.

    In another dream, I dreamed that my doctors where trying to kill me with the medicine that they were giving me.

  • sandy

    Last night I was dreaming that the neighbors were setting off fireworks in the middle of the night. But it wasn't loud popping sounds, it was more of an airy type sound, explosions in the distance. If that makes any sense - I have no idea how to explain it.

    Still dreaming, I awoke and looked out the window and it wasn't fireworks after all. There were soldiers outside dressed all in black with black ski masks creeping up on homes to kill everyone. I was so freakin scared! I rushed over to my fiance to wake him up and tell him we have to get away. Then I woke up. LOL

    I was reading an article last night about the War in Iraq so I'm sure that was the cause of my dream.

  • lesterd

    I was 13, and had this reoccuring dream; we moved to a new house and had a book study there, I could place every piece of funiture in my dream and new all the rooms, it was a unquie house, two story with a 1/4 bath under the stairwell and French doors between the living room and dinning rooms, a bedroom and bath upstairs with a balconey. In the dream armageddon came.

    We were serving where the great were needed at this time in Washington state and reassigned to Galveston, Texas so help start up a new congregation. When we pulled up in front of the house the brothers had rented for us a cold chill ran through my whole body, it was the same house that I had dreamed about, sure enough we held book study there and hurrican Carla swept the island.

    I stopped dreamimg after that

  • JamieL

    It was October 26th 2005. My fiancee just came over and we of course "hooked up" and she was going out of town with her family for the weekend and was asking me if I would miss her, her family was not keen on me going so I didn't.

    I had a dream that our whole relationship ended and it was horrible, screaming, yelling, etc.

    Friday morning I found out she was cheating on me and another dude was going on her family's camping trip with her. I hate my premonitions. I have them off and on.

  • the_classicist

    Mine included a murderous skeleton who drove one of those hippy VW vans. To this day, I still dislike hippies, they're like my version of clowns, only smellier.

  • GentlyFeral

    Here's mine:

    I was sitting outside my house with my newborn son. An elder came up to me and told me a famine had started and the congregation needed food. It was time for me to give up my child to feed the brethren.

    Somberly, I handed the baby over. Helped to cut him up, too.

    I wasn't properly horrified until I woke up.

    I was seeing a psychiatric social worker for post-partum depression at the time, and she told me that it was normal for new mothers to have threats about the safety of their children. The cult content didn't occur to either of us; I didn't know what a cult was and back then (about 30 years ago) shrinks didn't know as much about high-demand religious groups as they do today.

    Edited to add: Actually, I misspoke: The elder I can see plain as day in recalling this dream was someone I didn't meet until ten years later. But it was someone with authority whom I trusted.

    gently feral

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