Sometimes i miss talking to God

by dobbie 10 Replies latest jw friends

  • JamesThomas
    I realise i actually miss being able to do that as now i have no way of feeling better over sad things or whatever may be troubling me.

    Hello Dobbie.

    Perhaps your problem is that you have reduced the Divine down to a deity which you (wisely) no longer believe in, and so you now feel cut-off and alone.

    I worship no gods or deities as they are too small to be responsible for such a vast and wondrous expression of life and universe, but why does this mean we must be complacent to or separated from the living awe of existence? If we do not shrink and reduce the Divine to some little thing or deity, then there is no end to it; and so we are free to pray if and when we feel a need. I pray; just not to a circumscribable deity or image outside of the intimate and alive sense of reality and existence right here and now.

    My sense is that our sincere and earnest desires to embrace our true Source do not go unanswered; and even in the darkest depths of despair there can be found a pristine jewel of oneness and peace within.


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