UN-BE-FLIPPING-LIEVABLE chance JW meeting moments ago...

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  • Confession

    This is trippy...

    The Set-Up: Every weekend, 45 weekends per year, a company flies me to a different city in the U.S., and has me lead group presentations to families of college-bound High School students. We then offer to sell them our college preparation program.

    A few weekends ago we were in Fresno, California. There, after making a presentation, I sat with and sold the program to a family. During the process, the father mentioned to me his involvement in selling investments into gas and oil.

    Later he tried calling my company's home office in Albany, New York, attempting to contact me personally. Apparently, as a matter of policy, they don't provide personal contact info to clients. Sooooo he apparently conducted some type of search-by-name, got my home phone number, and just called me up about an hour ago. He then spent about half an hour telling me about this gas and oil investment program. I listened respectfully.

    He cautiously asked me about my investments, and we got into a conversation about how we both started a bit late in this area. I made a comment about how I'd formerly been part of a religious organization that discouraged college attendance and making long-term plans. He asked which organization it was. I told him. He asked why I decided to leave "the organization."

    It was his calling it "the organization" that caused an alarm to go off. So I asked him if he was familiar with it. He indicated that he surely was, and that he'd been one nearly all of his life. (He's probably in his early fifties.) He felt the need to cover the Society's thoughts on college, suggesting that, while it's true they discourage it---it's also true that "the Society certainly plans for the future." It was clear I had a fairly open-minded JW on the line.

    We continued to talk for about another half an hour, during which time he listened pretty well to my reasons for no longer recognizing the WTS as what it claims to be. While he told me his general policy was to "look for the good," he also reassured me that he was a "Witness that thinks out of the box," and that our conversation was not upsetting to him.

    Upshot: No client of this company I work for has every contacted me at home. The idea that this happened, the idea that our conversation led to one about my former religion, and the idea that he is an active JW is completely tripindicular to me.

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  • candidlynuts

    jw's make good stalkers lol

    that is a weird experience.

  • calico

    Maybe it was holy spirit! (Sorry, couldn't resist)

  • Crumpet

    is the only word for it Confession!

  • Outaservice

    Well, if it was a 'God' thing, then keep telling him things you have discovered. If he is offended or does not want to listen anymore, he'll be sorry he chased you down. Stranger things have happened.


  • Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit
    Pioneer Spit...oh, i mean Spirit

    You're awfully kind. To me it reflects on the experience they have in violating the privacy of others, and that they live outside any rules of courtesy.

  • betterdaze

    You may have used presentation skills ingrained from the TMS. He probably picked up on certain gestures, timing or phrases unique to JWs.

    Still... it's just creepy to track you down like that. The nerve!


  • mrsjones5

    Damn if he got your number I wonder if he tracked down your address too? Creepy

  • PopeOfEruke

    You're gonna wake up tomorrow and this dude will be in bed next to you!!


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