A Big Warm Hearted Thanks!

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  • Crumpet
    I'm BW's psychologist by the way, and I think you should know that ever since you robbed him of his manhood at such an impressionable age, he's been seen at various locations wearing nothing but a skirt.

    This is not a pretty sight as you'll appreciate.


    Nice one timbo - incidentally were you ever called timbo before these boards?

  • tim hooper
    tim hooper


    I was called Timbo when I was teenager, but it's only since someone called me it on the boards last year that I've adopted it again.

    Mind you, I'll answer to most things if the truth be known!


  • helncon

    Hey BW,

    Well it was a supprise to chat with you the other night after a long time not chatting with you and i was upset that i had to go, but hey plenty more chats to come.I hope

    It has been a great pleasure in meeting you and that we see you more on JWD.

    Keep on rockin'


  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Timbo you make me laugh so hard, big brother.

    Big Willy, there is a good reason I call you a big ol' medal faced teddy bear!

    I love to have ya around in "my" turf. Though Thoms is fun too.

    TwinFlames lurvs you too though - she follows you EVERYWHERE.

  • AuldSoul

    AudeSapere is on the west coast. I am on the east coast. And you still owe me a ginger mead!

  • tim hooper
    tim hooper

    "Timbo you make me laugh so hard, big brother."

    You're not the first woman to laugh at me, Liv. I just thought you should know that......

    tim (who really wishes he could fathom out the clunky old software on this board)

  • Crumpet

    What clunky software Timples? (You thought I answered to Crumples bro - you are soooo dead!)

    I find the no frills aspect of this board easiest of all to use - I just refresh active topics and reply to anything I want to there. I do find the whole posting pics to hard though and it hardly ever seems to work so I tend not to bother.

  • bigwilly

    Mrs Garrett wrote:

    AudeSapere is on the west coast. I am on the east coast. And you still owe me a ginger mead!

    My bad man, I'll make it up to ya

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