The 6 Qualities That "Prove" The WT Is The True Religion

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  • IsaacJS2

    This is a cleaned up version of the post I made a week or so back. Some might find it useful in dealing with overzealous Witnesses determined to show you the error of your ways.


    The 6 Qualities That "Prove" The WT Is The True Religion

    I have actually found 6 "proofs" I felt were worth mentioning. Five were contained within a single book, "What Does The Bible Really Teach?" under the heading "How To Identify The True Religion." These are used to prove that the Society is the True Religion. Here they are, with a brief evaluation of each. Had a little trouble getting it posted and formatted, but it should have fewer errors and such.

    1. God's servants base their teachings on the Bible.

    This merely limits the playing field to Christianity. There's more than 1500 denominations in the U.S. alone as I understand it. There is no reliable, objective way to know which of them teaches the most accurate theology.

    2. Those who practice the true religion worship only Jehovah and make his name known.

    Jehovah is a transliteration of Yahweh, but the WT calls God by the name Jehovah. This would actually seem to disqualify the Society from consideration. (Hey, they're the ones who brought the list to our attention!) But the Society reasons that "Jehovah" is better due to consistency with common usage. I have to disagree. It doesn't say that "The true religion will spread the name of God...or whatever name they prefer is also fine, too." That undermines the whole point. But if consistency is what they want, Jesus used "father" and "God" far more than he used "Yahweh" in the Bible. What better example of consistency can there be than Jesus' own? And when he taught his disciples how to pray, Jesus used "father," not "Yahweh" or "Jehovah." As far as spreading his knowledge through the door-to-door ministry, several denominations engage in this as well, and the Catholics alone have converted millions with their early missionary works throughout history, either directly or indirectly. Not to mention other Protestant missionary efforts. Christianity is the largest religion in the world today thanks to denominations that precede the WT by centuries. When seen this way, the Catholic Church has surely converted far more people than the Society has.

    3. God's people show genuine, unselfish love for one another.

    The article focuses on refusal to serve in the military as their greatest example. But now, the Society allows this! There are still other religions that totally refuse military service. They would seem to be better examples of this virtue. After all, it doesn't say, "unselfish love for one another unless Caesar asks you to kill Christians and other people." The Society also eschews other goodly works, like charities, while shunning those who are spiritually weak or who disagree with their Governing Body. This would actually seem to go against this principle.

    4. True Christians accept Jesus Christ as God's means of salvation.

    Don't all Christians claim to do this?

    5. True worshipers are no part of the world.

    The Society is hardly the only one that can claim this. In fact, the Anabaptist faiths like Mennonites, Amish, and Hutterites do it better. The Church of God and Christadelphians go about it in a similar fashion to the Society. All 5 refuse to serve in the world's armies, (which the Society used to do) and they avoid political entanglements. Note that their are other denominations the claim to fulfill this requirement in one sense or another.

    6. If a person is loved by God, he will be hated by the world.

    The Mormons, Waldensians, and the Anabaptist faiths (Mennonites, Amish, Hutterites) have suffered as badly as the Witnesses. The latter two were persecuted and executed for centuries by the Catholic Church and the governments of their day. In fact, most small, "cult-like" sects have suffered some forms of hatred, are no part of the world, and avoid military service.

    In the end, the list is too vague to be truly useful. None of them point to the Society alone and a couple even cast doubt on their claims. The Society's "proofs" are nothing of the kind.


  • PopeOfEruke


    I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Very logical and clearly and simply laid out.

    Which means no JW will be able to understand it.



  • moomanchu

    Good points!

    Lets start a list that proves the WT is a False religion.

    1. False Prophets

  • Mary

    2. Flip-Flops back and forth on doctrines that have cost thousands their lives

    3. Practices an extreme form of shunning that destroys families and have driven some to suicide, hardly "Christian" qualities.

  • Junction-Guy

    Thanks for posting this Isaac, but I have a question--When did the JW's start allowing people to serve in the military? JW's still arent allowed to serve in the military, they would be considered disassociated if they did. Please explain what you meant by that.

  • Mary
    When did the JW's start allowing people to serve in the military? JW's still arent allowed to serve in the military, they would be considered disassociated if they did.

    I think they're now allowed to do "alternative service" as a "conscience matter". Funny how the Amish and Seventh Day Adventists saw this decades ago, yet Jehover didn't reveal it to the Slobbering Body members until recently eh?

  • dedpoet

    Excellent post, Isaac, very good reasoning.


  • sspo

    Very good reasoning, you pass and of course you can move to the next



  • IsaacJS2

    I thought the policy on military service changed so that it was entirely a matter of conscience? Wasn't there a post a while back on that--I can't seem to find it now. If I'm wrong about that, I need to alter the list and my essay.


  • greendawn

    They certainly have no love for one another or for mankind, as mentioned above they don't like charity work and treat despicably the weaker members. This lack of love immediately disqualifies them as being the true religion or the "truth" as they like to say.

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