For anyone struggling to free themselves or loved ones from the Watchtower.

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  • bernadette

    Really glad your immediate family are all together. A narrow escape for all of you.

    I think some people are definitely in for good - honestly I just can't imagine them out of the org, so i suppose its a question of accepting that. I'd really like to get my son out though - he does tend to think for himself, so maybe there's hope there.

    thanks for sharing your experience.


  • mia_b

    well done nic - wish i'd been a bad little dub and found this website BEFORE i left so i could have gone about a fade properly and with support rather than being shunned. This site is invaluable to me now cos its helping me get rid of my ingrained teacings.

    i can even admit i was in a cult!

  • Borgia

    I am very glad for you Nic.
    SSPO, hang in there. I too am searching for ways to escape with family and I know it ainĀ“t a walk in the park.

    But as for myself, I am content with the things I am doing right now. Although wifey and he kids are doing "fine" I can see the influence of fresh air already at work! Although she sometimes hates my guts for not"taking the lead in "spiritual" matters"...barf....and sees my disapproval of the BS they serve as does's in the details!



  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Nicolaou,

    Thank you for sharing those encouraging words. It is important to keep reminding others of what may seem impossible now, may change in time. This forum has been a place of healing for me personally. And a place where I find comfort in knowing I may be able to return the favor and help someone else. I am so happy you are all out!!


    Lady Liberty

  • Sunnygal41


  • becca1

    Thank you. I hope I can say the same in a few years.

  • ex-nj-jw

    Congrats nic,

    I'm happy you have your immediate family intact with you. Enjoy life now and make new memories for yourself, your wife and your kids. Know that your kids will grow up happy, well adjusted, socialized with other people and most of all able to think freely, ask questions and not be beaten down by a cult.

    Always give your children the ability to be themselves, know that they will make mistakes, bad judgements, etc... but you and your wife will now be better able to help them out of bad situations and guide them to making wise choices instead of it being dictated to them and you by outsiders. Your children will be free to children, enage in sports have friends, sleep overs, boyfriends and girlfriends and be better able to handle tough situations and make informed choices. You as a parent will be able to guide them and most of all have an open relationship, make your kids know that whatever their situation they can come to you (and your wife) for straight answers from the heart and not be dragged before disaproving elders to be judged.

    I have 3 wonderfull boys (24, 19, 16) they talk to me about everything, sometimes I have to remind that I am their mother and they are giving me TMI , but I'm so happy that they can and do talk to me, even the embarrassing stuff I didn't have that type of childhood, could not talk to my parents (dad elder and mom super Jdub), I made some bad choices in my teenage years and had no guidance because of this, always too scared to be brought before the elders, you know the good old fear and intimidation.

    Anyway, good luck, keep us posted



  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?

    Thank you, Nic! And CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!


  • brunnhilde

    I remember when I was first seeing my therapist because I was so sick with guilt over not being able to buy into the load of B.S. anymore, and he asked if there were any others I could talk to and I just stared at him, horrified that he would suggest I would even CONSIDER speaking to apostates! I kept spluttering about how even looking online could get me thrown out! I swear, these guys could give the folks in Guantanomo Bay some lessons on psychological torture that would make waterboarding look like walking in the rain! Good on ya, N, for escaping intact! My little immediate family is out as well, tho my parents and my husbands dad are still in and appalled that we've stopped "running the fine race..." BARF! Sounds harsh, but once they've passed on, I think I'll photocopy my big white a** and write TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST! and mail that back to the BORG headquarters *snicker*

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