saved at a Promise Keepers convention

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  • SixofNine


    Maybe she is trying to bring the joy that she has in her life to you? She probably actually cares about you enough to share her own testimony and that is not easy.

    Do you give JW's the same benefit?

  • Satanus


    I was a jw for 30 yrs and a born again christian for 2 yrs. I had the spiritual experiences. I may have seen jesus, i'm not sure. Anyway, those experiences remain, but the theology is mostly gone.

    Mulan may have been talking about the theological acrobatics that both jws and many christians do, when she said it all the same.You really don't need all of that to get close to 'god'. The great catholic mystics left behind a lot of it. If you asked them what god was, they could not describe it. Rex, you need to MEET your god, okay?


  • Princess

    Rex, you never answered my question about why you have to understand Jesus claimed to be god in order to attain salvation.

    In Mulan's defense, my sister in law is an extremely irritating person. The fact that you all think this person got out because he prayed to God/Jesus for his help is as ridiculous and superstitious as she said. I am willing to bet big bucks that of the 6000+ people in those towers, 90% were praying for gods help. The fact that this person thanks god for saving him also implies that god did not see fit to save the other multi thousand that prayed for help that morning. She is not wanting to bring us the joy that she has in her life, she is desperately trying to save people who are not seeking her help. She doesn't feel like we are really Christian because we do not go to church and believe the same way she does.

    Nothing seems to offend her so don't worry yourself with pity for her.


  • Mulan

    Thank you, all my defenders!!

    When I said "they are all the same", I meant RELIGIONS are all the same. They all think they have the corner on salvation. For me, I am through with religion.

    SaintSatan, that is exactly what I was saying: the acrobatics they all go through, to claim their own special brand of salvation. It's all so nauseating, and familiar. Thank you.

    Princess is right about this girl. She is desperately trying to make us see her version of Jesus. I'm sorry, but I just don't see him that way. To me, he died for all men, not just the "militant" Christians. And I'm not even sure I believe that, but that's what the Bible says. Let's not add anything to what it actually says, okay?

    Marilyn (a.k.a. Mulan)

  • tdogg

    I know God plays favorites. I know this as a fact because on Sunday when some players score a touchdown they point up to the sky and thank God or Jesus for blessing them with the 6 points. Obviously it was the hand of God, otherwise why would they be there standing in the endzone? I dont see them thanking God when they get tackled for a loss because I am sure they know it was probably retribution for some bad thing they did. Most assuredly then when the the team God favors wins it is because of Gods blessing.

  • Rex B13
    Rex B13

    Did you see the new post, Princess?
    Yes, the implication IS there that God saves some and chooses not to save others. So it is with salvation too.
    God determines when we are called out of this world. He is sovereign or He is not God in the first place! Some are healed, some are not, some live (for a time longer), some die. We go when we have accomplished our original purpose. We go condemed or we go glorified. There are those who will accept the call and those never hear it at all.
    Can we figure it all out? NO.
    Do we have enough info to be saved? YES.

    If you were truly saved, then you will return to God, just like the prodigal son. I have no idea what kind of discipleship (if any) training you had, nor the core beliefs of your conversion. I don't know you and cannot reasonably answer your experience.
    I do wish you grace and ask that you start listening to some real preaching in a Bible teaching church. Have you ever listened to Charles Stanley, Adrian Rogers, Chuck Swindoll, Michael Yousef, James Macarther?

  • Satanus


    on the radio: charles stanley, chuck swindal, james macarther, all the time, ok? months, ok? james dobson, the key life guy, the old guy from texas-mcgee. i was in the faithword hagen copeland thing for many months. i have had a lot of 'real' preaching thankyou.

    have you met god, rex???? don't quote that no man has seen him at any time. the bible also says many did. have you met god?


  • Princess

    That is utter nonsense. Your god is not a loving god if that is how he treats his followers. I want no part of a god who sees fit to save a few while allowing the rest to die. (WTC)

    It makes no sense at all that only those who hear the call will feel the need to be saved, but some will never hear the call. Thus, never had a shot?

  • D wiltshire
    D wiltshire

    While I feel God does help people, but I think alot of religious people are presuming that he's done certain things for them.
    I guess it's not that bad as long as it's good things he gets credit for up to a point anyway.
    But to be honest persons that claim God is helping them in pratically every little good thing that happens to them are not very realistic.

    Have you ever misplaced your keys and are running late, so you pray to God to help you find them. Eventually you find them and thank God because you will now be on time to where ever you have to be.

    Did God really help you find those Keys(after all you prayed)?

    If he did help you find your keys so you wouldn't be late, why didn't he help a little girl who was kidnapped, raped, and murdered, that may or may not have prayed to him?

    It just as the Bible says "Time and unseen occurrences befall us all"
    The thing is how do you know for sure if God really did something for you or not.

    If someone lived a trillion X longer than you, and had a billion X more reasoning ability would he come to the same conclusions as you?
  • tdogg

    Princess, the JW's also use that line sometimes. We were told that God would touch your heart and you would become receptive to the good news ("ring of truth" and such)
    Interestingly though, the last time they came to bring me back into the fold I told them that I really didn't feel a calling in my heart that this was the truth.
    The response? "The bible says we should not trust our heart because (they quoted the scripture about man being bad from infancy etc..)". Then one made a comparison about a man who may feel lust for a woman but it is only deception by his heart. ?????
    Anyway the point is that I guess if God doesn't call you, you are screwed. So anyone who calls on Jesus name needs an invitation first, its probably stamped R.S.V.P. or something. But dont trust your heart because it is deceptive. Oh, and dont trust your mind either because it is too easily perverted by false teaching. Just sit around and wait for your call.

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