Calling from Africa

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  • Rescripting_myself

    Little Toe: Are you likely to come to Kenya again? If so, I'd like to meet you. I'd very much like to physically meet other people who contribute on this board. With the exception of my family members whom I've assisted learn the truth about the borg, I'm yet to meet an ex-JW who knows the truth about the borg and I yearn to meet one if only to talk to somebody whom I can identify with.

    As you can see on this topic there are only two people who have reported coming from Africa - South Africa while I come from and live in East Africa with little hope of physically connecting with them unless I make sufficient money to travel.

    Lost & found: I've completed reading The God Delusion most of which I was able to identify and agree with. I just wish more people could read it with an open mind. Where in South Africa do you live?

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