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  • lost&found

    Hey guys just wanted to let y'all know that I have noticed most of the emails relate to the States.... where are all those of you Df'd etc etc in Africa??? Or were you all so brainwashed you dont even use the internet.....Well we all face the same situations of terrible , judgemental, hypocrytical good for nothing CO's elders etc. i am so glad I dont have to deal with boring meetings that repeat the same old stuff day in day out....except of course when there is "new light". I can tell you that half the JW's who attend meetings only do so coz they fear losing their friends and family and wouldnt know what to do with themselves. I am currently reading "The God Delusion" let me tell you its some interesting reading. However its only for those like me who lost the faith and stopped believing altogether so dont read it if you are a practising JW naughty enough to be on this site...Hope to here form you guys.


  • greendawn

    Welcome lost and found, the JWs are indeed the same all over the world they are being run by the same spirit and the same headquarters their quality is uniform everywhere. In what specific country do you live?

  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    Hi Lost and Found

    See I'm from Sunny SA. Africa's a big place where are you? Would love to hear about your escape from the borg. Tell us more and welcome to the forum.

  • needproof

    Hi Lost and Found. Let us know your location!

  • Crumpet

    Hi Lost and Found - I was dfed in the early 90's in the UK and didnt have access to the internet - not sure if there would have been a lot of information anyway.

    And yes since you ask - a lot of JWs are so brainwashed they wouldnt watch X FILES if it was forbidden, or read certain books, or watch soaps, or celebrate christmas, or surf the net looking for incriminating info on the Borg. Good for you that you never fell into that category, but some of us were raised that way extremely strictly.

  • lost&found

    Hey guys,

    You are all so quick to respond glad to see there are some where I am . I am also from sunny SA. I am so glad to see we are not all brainwashed. My family wasn't so strict although my dad was an elder. He also saw the "light outside the tunnel"..

  • Rescripting_myself

    I'm from Nairobi, Kenya. Quite lonely here as I don't know of any other exJWs in Kenya who are aware of the real truth about the borg except for members of my family whom I've managed to get out of JWism. Two have done a slow fade. One was disfellowshiped after she had already learned the truth about the troof and know longer cared about the borg. She told the elders off when they visited her and subsequently got disfellowshiped. The others had never been baptized but had been indoctrinated through being brought up in JWism from childhood. I am currently working with a non-family member who is on his way out and whom I've encouraged to do a slow-fade as opposed to a disassociation.

    I'd be very interested in any ex-JWs from Kenya and other African countries who are on this or other ex-JW web-sites. We can perhaps explore getting together in person like others do in North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I suppose the majority of ex-JWs from Africa who may be on the internet would be be from South Africa. I wonder if any of you have ever organized an apostafest and if not would you be interested in one and do you think it is feasible to orgazize one?


  • Rescripting_myself


    I've browsed through the "God Delusion" at a bookstore and I'm planning to buy a copy. Have you read 'A Brief History of Time' by Stephen Hawkings and 'Conversations With God' by Neale Donald? They might interest you.


  • lost&found

    Hey thanks for the book suggestions. I will certainly go out and look for them. The God Delusion is such a complex book you can only read about 10 pages at a time then the jargon just becomes too hectic. Anyway its good to just get the other pespective. He even quotes some of the JW publications ....interesting

  • LittleToe

    I've been to Africa, does that count for anything

    I visited Kenya a few times, mainly Nairobi and Mombasa. I was there for the International District Assembly in the late 90s.

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