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  • spectromize

    How many here still believe the organization is ahead of any other religion as far as teaching truth from the Bible despite some of the wrong teachings that we perhaps have???

    I will be the first to answer in saying, I still believe we are ahead of any other religion for the present but it can change. Only time will tell wether the organization wants to adjust to some of their mistaken chronology and teachings. If they don't want to adjust then it will become plain in view of the age of information and of God allowing nations and opposers be a thorn in the side just as He did in times past.

  • Caliban

    I agree
    The Isrealites were Gods organisation but didn't keep that status for long even though they still claimed it.
    I think that the latest assembly was 'praparatory' for some major change or announcement. I personally think that they will drop the 1914 date. It seems to be beeing mentioned less and less in WatchTowers - even ones discussing Christ's presence and the end of the gentile times.
    Maybe they will drop 607, fit in with everyone elses dating and move 1914 to 1934. There must have been some major assembly that year that they can claim was significant.

  • Ben

    I agree with MOST of our 'beliefs'. I find myself defending them time and again. There are several things, however, with which I do not agree. Our religion is relatively young and is still growing. But until and unless the leaders recognize the difference between speculation and divine revelation, I'm afraid that it's going to undergo many 'growing pains' or even a 'stunted growth'.

    Personally I would like to see the attidude of: "We are God's spokesman, WE AND WE ALONE BEAR THE RESPONSIBILITY AND BURDEN OF DISSEMINATING GOD'S MESSAGE TO MANKIND! We are not infallible (a low whisper) BUT (loud, booming voice) DON'T YOU DARE QUESTION OUR WORD. IF YOU DON'T AGREE JUST WAIT AROUND UNTIL WE CLEAR IT UP FOR YOU!" To something more like" Hey, we are just some very sincere and devout Bible students trying to make sense of God's Word to mankind. We will pass on to you the things we have learned always reminding you that only God's Word is infallible and that we are subject to error. Let's work together, brothers, to strive to discern God's will for us. Will you walk with us?"

  • mgm

    you're so right, many brothers and sisters are hoping for some kind of a reform. We'll see!
    Lately, I asked my father, an elder, about the year 607 and 587. After he had no arguments to support the year 607 he just said, the brokeout of WW1 and the changes in the human society is enough proof for the year 1914 to be right. And if you calculate 2520 years back, you have the year 607!!! So, he just changed it around. I was speechless!

  • Frenchy

    That is so typical of the 'reasoning' that is prevalent today. The sad part about this is that if an article comes out next week 'clarifying' the 'old truth' with 'new light' about 1914 NOT being THE year, then everyone will accept it without question and marvel at how God is leading the FDS.

  • RedhorseWoman

    At one point I would have defended the Society against all comers as having the closest to the ultimate truth of any religion on earth.

    Then there were things that occurred in my life and things that I observed that caused me to rethink things.

    One such instance was the exclusivity of Jehovah's love, and what it means to be one of His people. I had always fervently believed that only those safely ensconced within the organization could receive Jehovah's blessing. Anyone outside the walls of a KH was simply deluding themselves by even attempting to pray....they would definitely NOT be heard because they were not calling out to Jehovah in the approved manner.

    Then I went to some group therapy sessions with my husband, who is an alcoholic (now I know, too, why AA was forbidden to JW's for so long). There were people there who had been to the bottom with their addictions. In most cases, they had no religion of any sort. At their lowest point, they had simply called out to God (or their Higher Power) for help. All they had was a simple faith, no religious affiliation. They received blessings....many blessings....and a sense of purpose in their lives, along with a great deal of spiritual comfort and support.

    The realization of this struck me very hard. While I do believe that it is good to associate with those of like faith for upbuilding and support, I cannot conscientiously agree with exclusivity any longer.

  • Frenchy

    I had some very similar experineces as Red although not as dramatic. For me it was talking to people in field service. Every now and I then I ran across someone who was truly sincere and TOTALLY convinvced that God had helped them. Some of the stories they had were quite remarkable. After a while it was hard for me to discount it all. These people believed and it made a difference in their lives. What were we going to tell them that would do them any better? They had become good, clean, moral people who lived decent lives and revered God. Isn't that the point of Christianity in the first place? To manifest a love for God and neighbor?

  • RedhorseWoman

    All of these points are leading me to a redefinition of the term "narrow road".

    As JW's we have always been taught (and always accepted) that only JW's were on that narrow road. If, however, it is true (and it certainly seems to be so) that those who are not baptised JW's are receiving Jehovah's blessings, then the question becomes, are there others on that narrow road?

    Could our perceived definition of narrow road be too "narrow" (sorry, had to throw that in)?

  • Frenchy

    If I get too far off your topic, Spec, reel me back in, would you? Okay, on the matter of receiving Jehovah's blessings: I know (you as well, I'm sure) many unscrupulous people who are ardent church -goers. Some of them are downright religious! These people go to their church and pray fervently to God and good things happen to them. You could not convince them otherwise. They give credit to God for the good things happening to them. They FIRMLY believe that God is helping them.

    Question: Is He helping them?
    Question: How do you know God is helping YOU?
    Question: Both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are praying and are convinced that their prayers are being answered, so what is the difference?

  • RedhorseWoman

    I've often thought about that myself. So far, the answer seems to be that an answer from God will not result in harm to anyone else. If the good thing happens to one person, but has adverse consequences to someone else, I would doubt that it originated from God.

    Also, the answers I have received have always been exactly what I needed...not necessarily what I thought I needed. Sometimes, the answer is simply a feeling of peace and comfort.

    Additionally, if the guidance is from Jehovah, it will frequently be serendipitous....seemingly having something "fall from the sky" if you will, coming from a place you never would have expected, but something you had spoken to Him about and something you needed.

    Life is not always easy, but I know that Jehovah will not desert me. Somehow, He will let me know the path I should take.

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